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Personal interest

This is one of my personal major study areas. It is an ultra-sensitive subject and one that must be approached with great care if the vast collection of available suppressed evidence (much of it already on the wikispooks server) is to be properly cataloged, indexed and explained on the Wiki in a manner that does not become counter-productive to its mission - a bit like squaring the circle I know, but hopefully understood. I will therefore be watching it - and related pages - like a hawk. Having said all that, please don't be put off adding to and editing it. Having someone else suddenly take an editing interest has finally spurred me to give it more attention myself and I'm grateful for that. --Peter P (talk) 10:13, 11 August 2014 (IST)

Last edit roll-back

I rolled back the last edit by User:TruthSeeker611 because its only effect was to cast doubt on the Revisionist case against Zyklon-B extermination gas chambers by quoting - of all people - an organisation sponsored by B'nai Brith and whose declared purpose is the the promotion and defense of 'The Holocaust' Official Narrative. I have no issue with deleting falsehoods, but there are no demonstrable falsehoods in the piece as it stands and many good people have had their careers and lives destroyed by B'nai Brith for nothing more than getting revisionism to its present stage. Thus watering it down with questionable detail (the effect of the last edit) is not acceptable. Note also that the myth of Zyklon-B has been all but acknowledged by (at least) the UK Holocaust memorial day Trust, in that they no longer make ANY reference to it. As of 2016, their web site confines its allegations of gassings to the Use of exhaust fumes from Tanks - itself an absurd claim since diesel exhaust contains only miniscule amounts of Carbon Monoxide rendering its use on the industrial-scale claimed more than usually problematical.

To User:TruthSeeker611: Please don't take any of the above personally. Your contributions here are valued and I hope they will continue. --Peter P (talk) 07:54, 3 February 2016 (GMT)


Just a notice: I removed the last part of the description, as it violates the style guide, makes the description too long and is somewhat disputed: "It does not appear in histories or documents before that time and does not appear in the major 26-part series "World At War" in 1973 by Thames TV." That brings me to, as a lot of new editors have an interest in this page: would all editors be willing to use and pay extra attention to using references and sources? Especially as some other researchers and website have "complained" about this page. --Jun (talk) 02:37, 20 June 2021 (UTC)

Major Additions

Christianbethel (talk) 20:36, 28 July 2021 (UTC)Hello all. I am writing this message to inform you of my intention to add numerous edits and sources to this page and all related pages on the subject of Adolf Hitler. I presume this site operates under the premise that the "Official Narrative" is usually false or greatly exaggerated, and the Official Narrative concerning Hitler, National Socialism, The Third Reich, WWII, and the Holocaust are no exception. I'm sure you're all aware that questioning the Official Holocaust Narrative is illegal in many countries, and historical revisionists have had their lives ruined over their research findings. I intend to contribute my efforts to righting this colossal wrong and disclosing the truth to the world. I have been banned from several websites and forums for my actions. My name is now associated with hate and racism, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm trying to prove to the world that Hitler was the good guy, and I need all the help I can get.