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Replacing external with internal links, and adding concomitant pages

As a thought for how to develop this article, I noticed some external links (Jessica de Grazia etc) which could be replaced by Wikispooks articles. Rather than linking to external articles, preferred style is to make an new link, but use a '<ref>' to link to an external article. In this way they automatically link to the correct target if someone makes that article (e.g. George Thomson). Sometimes these incidental people turn out to not have great relevance, but sometimes (e.g. Mete Sozen, Gene Corley et al.) they turn out to be interesting in their own right, often because of patterns of behaviour which it is not possible to grasp from their involvement in a single topic - i.e. an article is needed to do them justice. Either way the research is helpful and a subject page provides a good place to log it. -- Robin (talk) 06:16, 29 September 2015 (IST)