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Could Qanon be called a LARP?

Don't know if this sounds stupid, it was just a thought because I have heard others call it a LARP like Styxhexenhammer.


In the technical sense, it behaves like one, yes. But it could also be some folks with mental health issues high on patriotism. Nobody is sure. It's a psyop, nobody knows for what purpose. Personal opinion: IMO, it looks like an government-funded psyop, run by some anonymous sock puppet farm that taps into hopeless lonely rural suburban people on 4 chan, and uses them as useful idiots.

This is Sunvalley's domain I think, only thing I wanna add is that we should not forget that not everything revolves around the internet. A lot of younger folks create these chambers of info and act like online discussion are "wars", while over half of the net are bots (see 2021 page), and the worldwide middle class keeps shifting to the political economic "right" just to pay of their mortgage in the overprices cities and not become a wage slave, so they don't go any further than just checking some friends on Instagram, artists on Tiktok and family on Facebook (adjust name for region). They're way too busy working. So let's not make every page with a LARP in CONS a "war". --Jun (talk) 02:23, 15 June 2022 (UTC).

I understand, I'm not trying to make everything a war, the Qanon people do that enough. But I will say the Qanon are highly religious too to evangelical proportions. I agree with you that LARP would not be the right fit, and useful idiots is. I have been calling them that, much like the feminists and social justice warriors.

Would January 6th be classed as a LARP?

Sorry for sounding dumb, and asking a stupid question


Oh, not at all. There are no stupid questions, Only bad answers imho. 6 Jan. They acted like LARPers, but, the question is then... why, as it can't be LARPing and a real life false flag attack? I mean LARPers have game-masters, know they're "acting" in a fictional setting. So theoretically, if they do stuff that affects real life, then it's not LARPing'd say most "rioters" following the FBI spooks to the capitol in all those "extremist" groups were just astroturfed (as what the intelligence community calls useful idiots) into running a false flag operation. The LARPers we seem to intended for this page are isolated people that independently and sentiently knowing they're playing a role, be it government agent, or mkultra victim, etc. They know they didn't witness it, but they keep acting like it. Some pundits (like on this page) have extended it to people that work for the government and act like they're insiders or witnesses (like most likely Q anon) to deep state work. I think they'd should call most of those examples astroturfers (and others just plain disturbed or bored people, (-as trolls is a plastic word and enemy images nowdays) and not LARPing, but they prob. started calling these people LARPers because of internet culture, the early adaptors of internet culture and role playing games (be it, board, real life of digital) that created a stereotype that most LARPers are white, rural, often autistic, unaesthetic looking lonely virgins, and the rise of World of Warcraft and the increase of LARP videos on YT (e.g: 0 as people nowadays look down on people having flaws, hence it becoming a derogatory term for people just lying and acting like they're have more status. --Jun (talk) 16:48, 15 June 2022 (UTC).

The explanation in the article right now follows the argument of Outtrim, not much more. You can say Jan6 and QAnon are PsyOps, with some/much influence of useful idiots. A Larp which is created by 'Larpers' (ie agents of the state, for example, or another group that has some interest) is a PsyOp too. Only a Larp is more centered around a person, 'an actor' (George Webb being the perfect example) who connects to other 'Larpers' and some more or less legitimate activists. The Larper mimics an activist in a sense; all in the world of make believe that there is some investigation to follow or that there is some wrong that can be made right, for example. All meant to eat up time and in the case of Craig Sawyer, also meant to collect funds for a cause, while doing mostly nothing. A Larp is more centered around social media and youtube videos. Bottom line for me (as I understand it right now), a Larp wants you to remain passive, let the idiocy that Webb utters on and on flow in with video after video, getting dumber dumber over time - a focus on misinformation ... (which of course can be found in PsyOps too) - I would say when it centers around social media, videos and 'activists' that tell one BS story after the other, then the term Larp applies. -- Sunvalley (talk) 19:47, 15 June 2022 (UTC)

Thank you for clarifying, I am still a little confused by it, but I think I will research into it more. Sorry for sounding dumb and stupid.

Perfectlyfadeddelusions (talk) 12:14. 16 June 2022 (UTC)

CryptoBeast #13 - #govLARP is actually a good place to start. It is 'just' 4,5 hours, but that will give you a solid start. Outtrim has done much more research (debunking) into these people (other videos and some articles which can be found with the tag 'larp' on his webpage). This got so extensive over time that in my opinion this was a little bit of a waste of (his) time, since it does not take that much to see that what they are doing is fraudulent. If you want to follow his research, then the videos may be a better place to start, since many sources he cites in his articles (videos of these larpers), are gone by now. -- Sunvalley (talk) 14:15, 16 June 2022 (UTC)

Sorry I am probably getting on your nerves, but I had a thought that Antifa could be this. They do, do a lot of this. I don't know though.

Been looking this stuff up, and there is not much from what I can see. A lot of stuff is about Qanon. Also looking through the video posters files, I am even more confused. Maybe I am just really dumb and too stupid to understand. Perfectlyfadeddelusions (talk) 12:24, 18 June 2022 (UTC)

Would we good to tag the person that you want a reaction from User:Perfectlyfadeddelusions :) Think this one is for User:Sunvalley. Deep politics is difficult to understand, cause most people pin point different sections of the ever changing puzzle. Don't worry about the quetions. Ehm. The simple definition is this:, the second definition there fits our page. A good real life example is; --Jun (talk) 01:38, 22 June 2022 (UTC)