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I have always loved researching, even before the internet. I have been what many would call a conspiracy theorist for at least 27 years. I found Wikispooks years ago when I was looking up information on Globalists.

I am more of a researcher than writer, sorry if I do anything wrong while editing. But I will try my best to edit and help with making pages well sourced.

I like learning about psychology, how the government use psychology to brainwash us, and try to make reality. I also love digging for the truth, I can spend all day on a subject looking through online, and getting to the end of a rabbit hole with either truth or some kind of truth.

I live in the UK, and love looking into political information from all around the world. I hope to share all this information with others, as I love doing so. As my mental health problems make it hard to go outside, I find researching a good way of focusing my mind on something else.

One day I hope to become a researcher for people.

PDF's Of Research

These are some of my PDF of links I have made over the years on things I have researched. I do have Wikispooks pages, but I keep them for reference for when I am ready to research the topics.

Videos I have made

Operation Blackout Come Research With Me Operation Blackout Part 2 Intelligence Agencies

Voting Machines

The Lincoln Project Links