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I have always loved researching, even before the internet. I have been what many would call a conspiracy theorist for at least 27 years. I found Wikispooks years ago when I was looking up information on Globalists.

I am more of a researcher than writer, sorry if I do anything wrong while editing. But I will try my best to edit and help with making pages well sourced.

I like learning about psychology, how the government use psychology to brainwash us, and try to make reality. I also love digging for the truth, I can spend all day on a subject looking through online, and getting to the end of a rabbit hole with either truth or some kind of truth.

I live in the UK, and love looking into political information from all around the world. I hope to share all this information with others, as I love doing so. As my mental health problems make it hard to go outside, I find researching a good way of focusing my mind on something else.

One day I hope to become a researcher for people, or do intelligence analyst.

PDF's Of Research

These are some of my PDF of links I have made over the years on things I have researched. I do have Wikispooks pages, but I keep them for reference for when I am ready to research the topics.

Research Drops

RNA Information

I have some information here about RNA's and the different RNA's. I will be looking into this more, so there will be more PDF's coming.

Immunity within particular demographics

COVID, Immunity, And Hep B Information

The Intelligence Cycle

Document Cloud - Blackstone Technologies

Cashless Society/Bank Of England/Central Bank Digital Currency

I found these, and thought they might be useful because there have been some talk about on Telegram. The links do include Wikispooks articles, as I have been uploading these on Telegram and other sites for people to look at and research for themselves.

World Bank Emergency Bonds Information

Brain/Mental/Psychological, Physical, And Biological Issues Due To Childhood Sexual Abuse 1

Child Grooming Information/ Pedophiles And all Philes/ Pedophile Rings/ Incest 1

My Page

Here I put books, articles, papers, and videos. I try to upload as much as I can, as I have a lot of stuff from many years. I am also trying my hardest to archive pages too, it's something I keep forgetting to do.

Links Articles

Here I will post links to place I find interesting information.

The Lincoln Project Links

Information found on The Lincoln Project, I will be updating this more, when I find more information.

Dominion Voting Systems

Some information found on Document Cloud, which contain emails.

Videos I have made

Here is a section of videos I have made, and post here in case there is some information that could be useful for any articles.

Operation Blackout

Voting Machines

These videos are mostly on Dominion Voting Systems, but I will be doing the other companies afterwards. These are deep dives into the companies, which I do and it takes a while to do.

Dominion Voting Systems

FOIA's I have made

Operation Blackout

I sent an FOIA to: NIST, CISA, US Election Commision, Director of National Intelligence, Federal Election Commission, CIA, FBI

Requests Accepted For Operation Blackout
  • NIST - There was no results in the search (Tried again as they said the question was too broad.)
  • Federal Election Commission
  • CIA
  • CISA

Ukraine Bio Labs

I sent an FOIA to the Department of Defense: Threat Reduction Agency and the accounting department. Also sent an FOIA to NIH.

Threat reduction - basically said they washed their hands with the biolabs, so have nothing to do with them. I have sent another with more detailed questions.