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Linking him to Demmink-Dutroux

user:Robin, as I understand this listening to all the podcasts from the police researchers and the police probe: Van de Ven investigated Baybasin and said Baybasin was being framed. His normal good investigation work was stonewalled similar to Michael Springmann. The Dutch supreme court rejected his appeal as he suggested a cover up without knowing who.

We know Baybasin accused Demmink of being jailed cuz he was competition in a backed government off-the-books with Turkish Deep state including their ministers. Former minister Fred Teeven named Demmink also sexually active with kids. We know ISGP named Demmink perhaps as a middle man being blackmailed (in the same network that pointed to Dutroux) by his sexuality to jail Baybasin. We know Sibel Edmonds mentioned the case as part of Gladio B. So we don't know why he was killed, if it was for the Maximator Alliance leak/continues refusal to align with deep state kingpins or if it was just an accident (always keep the possibility). But imho there is a strong suggestion he was at least an interest of the Dutch Deep state if not killed by them, specially looking at the weird circumstances of his death. see [1] I'd like to either place him back as Dutch Deep state victim along with Danny Jowenko similr to how MLK is placed on the US Deep state page. lmk what you think Jun, Administrator. (talk) 16:43, 28 May 2024 (UTC)