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Tidying This

I've just split this off from the David Kelly page. This is essential to a sane use of SMW, since one is a person, one an event. Like with 9-11, I think this could be a good test-bed to see how well the existing SMW framework can express the ad hoc (i.e. human-readable) page which has been built so far. I made it a sub-page - not essential but it seems like a sensible way to help structure things, possibly a good practice which we can reflect when creating new material.

In line with the (newly minted) Wikispooks:Templates policy, I zapped the single use KellyDocs template. There is still a rather messy pile of links left. I wonder whether they can all be fitted neatly into the existing SMWDocs framework, or whether the time has come to expand that a little... Robin (talk) 06:58, 31 January 2014 (GMT)

Your work-rate is impressive and I have no issues with any of the above. I have a lot of content-type material I want to get up and so prefer to spend less time on SMW-Development (except I will spend a bit of time on forms -event, person etc- since I spend so much time using the existing document one). I agree the SMW development IS essential though - and a serious positive descriminator from other aspiring outside-the-matrix sites. So, by all means, press on with it. All the usual cautions apply and I'll be quick to offer an an opinion on changes with possible harmful potential. --Peter P (talk) 07:42, 31 January 2014 (GMT)

Template misbehaving

This should report that David Kelly/Death is an interest of David Halpin. I wonder why it doesn't... Robin (talk) 19:26, 5 May 2015 (IST)

This one of the pages that always gets stuck in the jobs queue when Template:SMWDocSection is edited. I've noticed that some/many/all? of the others are sub-pages too; worth a look? I believe jobs are retried a given number of times before being orphaned in some fashion and will stay there forever unless manually deleted. I'm still occupied by creases with the changeover + commissioning the Dev server but will do some systematic research into it over the next few days --Peter P (talk) 07:14, 6 May 2015 (IST)