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A TV presenter works for television channels (which are part of the commercially-controlled media most of the time).



Page nameDescription
Tania BryerBritish broadcaster in Epstein's black book.
Katie Couric
Walter Cronkite
Hannah Fry
Nik GowingUK Deep state connected TV journalist
Tony Hall
Laura Kuenssberg
Margarida MarantePortuguese journalist who went to the 1996 Bilderberg
Chris MasonBBC political editor since 2022
Jonathan Miller
Dan RatherUS corporate journalist and former news anchor. He made his career by misrepresenting the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination. While generally reliably staying within the Overton window of accepted opinions, he was set up and fired in 2004, presumably for showing insufficient patriotism after 911 by revealing the Abu Ghraib torture.
Nick Robinson
Steve Rosenberg
Joe ScarboroughFamous US TV host. Had an intern die violently in suspicious circumstances and made jokes about it.
Sage SteeleAmerican television personality who spoke out about Vaccine/Mandation.
Chuck Todd
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