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Concept.png Sensory deprivation 
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A method of torture that leaves no marks on the body.

By 1972, practically the whole founding generation of the RAF were behind bars. Yet there was still a second generation and a third generation. Why? Primarily because of the conditions of imprisonment and state-organized terror.

Dieter Kunzelmann[1]

Northern Ireland

The five techniques of wall-standing; hooding; subjection to noise; sleep deprivation; deprivation of food and drink were used by the security forces in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s. After the Parker Report of 1972 these techniques were formally abandoned by the United Kingdom as aids to the interrogation of paramilitary suspects.


José Padilla was subjected to years of sensory deprivation before he was tried on charges of "terrorism".



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José PadillaSubjected to Sensory deprivation for years before even being charged.


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