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(spook, businessman)
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BornSeptember 1958
ResidenceHampshire,  UK
Member ofOrbis Business Intelligence

Christopher Parker Burrows is a UK spook who has worked for Orbis Business Intelligence and Walsingham Partners Limited with fellow MI6 spy, Christopher Steele.


Burrows joined MI6 and worked internationally, including East Berlin in 1982, Bonn in 1987 and Athens in 1993.[1]

Orbis Business Intelligence

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He later worked for Orbis Business Intelligence, with colleagues from MI6, becoming a director on 7 July 2009. On 19 July 2010 he became a director of Orbis Business International and 23 June 2017 of Chawton Holdings Limited.[2]

Walsingham Partners Limited

On 23 April 2015, he and Christopher Steele set up Walsingham Training Ltd. later Walsingham Partners Limited, a management consultancy.[3]


Burrows was named as MI6 by a list on Cryptome.[1]

In 2017 asked by ITV News whether Orbis was involved in drawing up the dirty dossier used to try to smear Donald Trump, Burrows refused to confirm or deny it.[4]

September 1958|