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(Ambassador to Italy)

Working from Rome

The Netherlands and Italy have both belonged to NATO and the European Union since their founding.

The ambassadorial post seems to be of mid-level importance, and given Italy's immense cultural heritage, something of a reward position for diplomats.

The Netherlands has an embassy in Rome, a general consulate in Milan, and 14 honorary consulates.[1]


Trade between the Netherlands and Italy has increased in recent years[2].

The main product groups imported from Italy are: electrical machinery and equipment, means of transport, mechanical equipment, metal products, synthetic fibers and chemical products. Although 'Made in Italy products' such as design, clothing and food are doing well in the Dutch market, these items do not make the largest contribution to Italian exports.

The most important export products from the Netherlands to Italy are foodstuffs, electrical machines and equipment, metal products, synthetic fibers, chemical products and raw materials. In 2007 the Netherlands imported an amount of 7.7 billion euros from Italy (estimate by Statistics Netherlands).

The figures for 2006 show Dutch imports of 7.1 billion euros from Italy. In 2007, the Netherlands exported a total amount of 17.2 billion euros to Italy.

The embassy in Rome has invested heavily in recent years in developing a network of cultural organizations within the various disciplines - in particular design, architecture and music - that is now extensive and of high quality. These efforts translate into a continuous stream of projects.


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