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The Muellergate scandal is said to involve a cover-up of Obama-era FBI/DOJ alleged crimes in order to frame Donald Trump and campaign associates for crimes they did not do.

Since President Trump's inauguration, 26 people were fired or otherwise removed from the Department of Justice and FBI in the Obamagate scandal.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI chief legal counsel James Baker selected most of the special counsel investigators; those two then recommended to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein that he hire Robert Mueller as Special Counsel lead.

James Comey was fired. The remaining ‘at-risk’ corrupt FBI leadership (McCabe and Baker), positioning to defend their own interests, selected the “small group”; then Mueller was selected and brought on his additional team members. The entire purpose of the special counsel operation was to cover-up the DOJ/FBI activity during the 2016 US presidential election, Trump transition, and early Trump administration.

While DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz completed his review of the FBI mishandling of the Clinton email investigation, Horowitz has been prevented from looking at any of the prime suspects in the FISA abuse scandal. As has US Attorney John Huber prosecuting anyone involved. As have Congressional Committees. Mueller's ongoing investigation gives cover to corrupt Obama-era officials, citing Mueller's "ongoing investigation."[1]


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Document:Muellergate and the Discreet Lies of the BourgeoisieBlog post1 April 2019Craig MurrayThe capacity of the mainstream media repeatedly to promote the myth that Russia caused Clinton’s defeat, while never mentioning what the information was that had been so damaging to Hillary, should be alarming to anybody under the illusion that we have a working “free media”.


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