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FounderMack McLarty
InterestsGilead Sciences, General Electric
Membership• Asfaw Alemayehu
• Nabil Ali Alyousuf
• Kanchana Aksorn-Aree
• Alyssa Ayres
• Suman Bery
• Robert O. Blake Jr.
• Laurent de Boisséson
• Reuben Brigety
• Richard Burt
• Frances G. Burwell
• Alma Caballero
• Martin Cargas
• Nicolas Checa
• Suree Chooratchareon
• Lisa Coker
• Nelson W. Cunningham
• Wendy Cutler
• Bekah De Boer
• Lauran Dondiz
• Stephen C. Donehoo
• William Drozdiak
• Cem Duna
• Stuart E. Eizenstat
• Kelechi Ekugo
• Luis Falcon
• Saúl Feder
• Lee A. Feinstein
• Luiz Fernando Furlan
• Kyle Gardner
• Jonathan Gass
• Safiya Ghori-Ahmad
• Tu Giang
• Gordon D. Giffin
• James Green
• Jorge Guajardo
• Helen Harris
• Alden Hartopo
• Ryan Hass
• Patrick Heffernan
• John L. Holden
• Chrissy Houle
• Thomas C. Hubbard
• William H. Itoh
• Claire Kaiser
• Richard Klein
• Yumi Ko
• Jim Kolbe
• Yuri Koshkin
• Christopher LaFleur
• Samuel Lewis
• Anne Elisabeth Ludwigs
• John Maguire
• Philippe Maze-Sencier
• Terence P. McCulley
• Kezia McKeague
• Mack McLarty
• Kellie Meiman Hock
• Stephanie Melendez
• Nate Moulton
• John Mullen
• Thena Lee
• Leila Ndiaye
• John D. Negroponte
• Rafael Nieto
• Steven Okun
• Tami Overby
• Eliot D. Pence
• Suzanne Reichardt
• Aileena Roberts
• Roberto R. Romulo
• Richard Rossow
• Victoria Ruan
• Teresita C. Schaffer
• Balinder Singh
• David B. Shear
• Jeffrey Starr
• James Stavridis
• Luis Téllez
• Angeline Thangaperakasam
• Gabrielle Trebat
• George Tsereteli
• Ali H. Tulbah
• Liebeth Turbati
• Sara Van Velkinburgh
• Edward S. Verona
• Audrey Vitalo
• Ariele Yaffee
• Juan C. Zarate
• Lihui Zhang

McLarty Associates is a private sector diplomacy firm, at "the nexus of business and policy".

Its ambassadors, trade negotiators, White House officials, journalists, intelligence officers and think-tankers use the networks they made in public service to lobby and help clients get entry to global markets, while pushing U.S. policy objectives. At the same time, the assignments are a monetary reward from big corporations to people who were helpful while in public service.

The company "analyzes the international opportunity or problem, assess the tools available to clients, develop strategies, and execute them."

The associates are often given space in corporate media as experts, presumably on behalf of clients, to influence opinion and policy making.

The clients are over 300 clients in 112 countries, representing Fortune 200 companies with substantial global presence, but McLarty also advises many emerging companies venturing abroad for the first time. They have also worked at the local/regional level as well as with multilateral and international organizations, from the UN to the EU and APEC, to the WHO and beyond.

McLarty helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices companies establish footholds (...) supporting healthcare firms worldwide on policy issues, market access, government relations, and developing in-country partnerships.

McLarty helps agricultural companies "troubleshoot obstacles to market access" in "all levels of the agricultural supply chain, including seeds, equipment, processing, storage and distribution, and retail sales." - so presumably McLarty opens up farmers and markets to genetically modified seeds.[1]

U.S. propaganda in films

The media division of McLarty advises major film studios, directors, producers and screenwriters on issues of international interest, covering story development, authentic script content, unique location requirements, and complex production logistics. The diplomats, government officials, and intelligence experts in McLarty have been part of some of the most successful film franchises in the world: James Bond, Fast & Furious, Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, Transformers, Jack Ryan[2], many of which are pure propaganda for US government regime change operations. The McLarty ex-spooks have also adviced "story-driven films, documentaries, and TV".[3]


Known members

8 of the 89 of the members already have pages here:

Richard BurtUS Deep state operative who took part in the discussion about "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Founded Diligence
Nelson CunninghamWell-connected Kissinger associate
Cem DunaSingle Bilderberg Turkish diplomat
Stuart EizenstatUS lawyer/diplomat and possible deep state operative
Samuel LewisSingle Bilderberg US Ambassador to Israel for 8 years
John NegroponteUS deep state operative. Oversaw the elimination of non violent resistance in Iraq after the US invasion
James Stavridis
Juan ZarateWorked on expanding the use of Treasury powers to advance national security interests. U.S. representative to get control over the Vatican's finances.
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