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Mansfield Smith-Cumming
Born 1 April 1859
Died 14 June 1923 (Age 64)
Wikipedia page Mansfield Smith-Cumming

Chief of the SIS

In office
1909 - 14 June 1923
Succeeded by Hugh Sinclair
Mansfield Cumming was the first head of the organisation which later became the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).


In 1909, Captain Mansfield Cumming of the Royal Navy was appointed head of the Naval section of the new Secret Service Bureau. In 1916, this section became MI1c within the War Office's Directorate of Military Intelligence.[1]


At his death in 1923, Cumming was succeeded by Rear Admiral Hugh Sinclair.


  1. Michael Smith, The Spying Game, Politico's, 2003, p.67.

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