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Title Israel gets more US military aid than the other 74 recipient countries combined US military aid 2014.jpg
Date 25 May 2015
Subject(s) Israel, US military aid
Description Breakdown of worldwide US military aid

Title Church of Climatology ClimateChurch.jpg
Date 24 May 2015
Subject(s) Climate change, Al Gore
Description Al Gore leads the climate change faithful

Title Dollar war Dollar-war-dees.jpg
Date 24 May 2015
Subject(s) United States dollar/hegemony
Description Dollar hegemony in a picture

Title UK 2015 general election result Simpsons-UK2015-ElectionResult.jpg
Date 8 May 2015
Subject(s) UK/2015 General election
Description A 'Simpsons' map of the 2015 UK general election result

Title Deir Yassin commemoraion graphic 2015 Deir-yassin.jpg
Date 9 April 2015
Subject(s) Deir Yassin, “The Holocaust”, Israel, Zionism
Description Deir Yassin commemoration graphic for the

Title Save the Children Global Legacy Award 2014 Blair children.jpg
Date 30 November 2014
Subject(s) Tony Blair
Description More evidence of a world gone mad

The man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children is honoured by one of the UK's principal children's charities

Title Haaretz cartoon Israel-911.png
Date 25 November 2014
Subject(s) “9-11/Israel did it”
Description Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Quite something from an Israeli Establishment media outlet.

Title Berlin wall -v- Israeli 'Security Fence' Berlin-israel-wall.jpg
Date 15 November 2014
Subject(s) Israel, Palestine
Description A graphical illustration and comparison of the extent and sizes of the Berlin wall of the Cold War and the Israeli so-called "Security fence".

Title The soul of the US Electorate USElectorate.jpg
Date 13 November 2014
Subject(s) Democracy
Description Give the voters what they want - especially "More Celeb News" - how could we possibly survive without celebrities???

Title White and red poppies White-red-poppy-field.jpg
Date 30 October 2014
Subject(s) World War I
Description The military are not the only casualties of war; the healing power of truth requires that remembrance include the vast numbers of its civilian victims too.

Image credit: Another Angry Voice

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