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Date2019 - Present
Interest ofVincent Kaufman, Jack Maxey, Twitter Files
DescriptionHunter Biden left a Mac Book in a repair shop in Delaware and forgot about...

Hunter Biden wanted to have data recovery for Mac Books in a repair shop in Delaware, owned by John Paul Mac Isaacs, but apparently forgot to pick up the devices.[1][2] There are possibly more devices around that he has lost and/or forgotten about.[3][4]

Legally, the service provider can keep what is not picked up after a certain time, which both parties agree to in the service contract. It was reported that Isaacs handed the laptop to the FBI and that the New York Post received a copy of the data later on.[5][6] Isaacs points out that the Mac Book he kept for file recovery had only a 250GB HDD - while H. Biden wanted him to tend to three devices when he was in the shop initially, Isaacs gathered he could only do it with one device.[7]

"Isaac [the repair shop owner] said the man who he believes to be Hunter Biden dropped off three laptops at his store in April 2019, only one of which was salvageable. While repairing the laptop, Isaac said he discovered disturbing material."[8]

The laptop contents suggest Joe Biden was using his power to benefit his son’s business Ukrainian associates, and allowing his name to be traded on while Vice President for his son and brother to pursue business opportunities in China. [9] Some texts and emails state that Hunter was adamant that any discussions about the involvement of the Vice President be held only verbally and never put in writing.

The content of the hard drive was entered into the congressional record by Matt Gaetz on March 30, 2022.[10][11]

Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen helped suppress the story.[12]

By April 2022 a 450 GB image or Icloud recovery file was announced to exist and Jack Maxey wanted to create a searchable database for the data.[13][14] According to Maxey, an earlier attempted release was heavily censored/sabotaged.[15] That file was leaked by Vincent Kaufman in July 2022.[16][17]


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