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HeadquartersHelsinki, Finland
Business school for the once dominant Swedish-speaking community in Finland.

Hanken School of Economics (Swedish: Svenska handelshögskolan, also known as Hanken) is a business school located in Helsinki and Vaasa. Hanken was established as a community college in 1909 and originally offered a two-year vocational education.

Hanken programmes include master's, doctoral, and MBA programmes in English, as well a bachelor's and a master's programme in Swedish. Hanken has two locations, one in Helsinki and one in Vaasa.[1]


The Swedish-speaking community in Finland traditionally dominated the bourgeois and high society.

The statutory meeting for Aktiebolaget Högre Svenska Handelsläroverket in Helsinki was held in December 1908, and only four months later the private community college under the name of Högre Svenska Handelsläroverket statutes were approved.[2] Operations started on September 1, 1909.[2] Together with Stockholm School of Economics, Hanken is the oldest business school in northern Europe, with the former opening a month after Hanken.

In 1927, the school was given its current name, Svenska Handelshögskolan. A year later, the school introduced a bachelor's degree in economics, with professorships being introduced in 1934. The first doctoral dissertation took place in 1944.

Hanken's second location in Vaasa was established in 1980 to develop business education in the region - a region that houses a large proportion of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland.

Hanken was the first business school in Finland to introduce a compulsory stay abroad for its bachelor's students.[2]

Notable alumni

Hanken has over 15,000 alumni in 70 countries.[3]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Anne Berner16 January 1964Switzerland
BusinesspersonSingle Bilderberger Finnish politician. Now works for the Wallenberg family.
Henrik Ehrnrooth1969FinlandBusinesspersonBig money second generation Finnish Bilderberger
Ole Johansson16 June 1951FinlandBusinesspersonFinnish businessman who attended Bilderberg/2011 as head of the Confederation of Finnish Industries.
Björn Wahlroos10 October 1952FinlandFinancier
6 times visitor to the Bilderberg.
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