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Place.png Western Australia
(Australian State)
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Large Australian state isolated from the others by deserts

Western Australia (abbreviated as WA) is a state occupying the western 32.9 percent of the land area of Australia excluding external territories.[1] It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west, and the Southern Ocean to the south, the Northern Territory to the north-east, and South Australia to the south-east. Western Australia is Australia's largest state, with a total land area of 2,527,013 square kilometres (975,685 sq mi). It is the second-largest country subdivision in the world, surpassed only by Russia's Sakha Republic. As of 2021, the state has about 2.67 million inhabitants Template:Ndash around 10.4 percent of the national total.[2] The vast majority (92 percent) live in the south-west corner; 79 percent of the population lives in the Perth area, leaving the remainder of the state sparsely populated.

Internal border controls

From late 2023, visitors to Western Australia by road, air or sea will have to pass through police-manned barricades where vehicles can be searched. The measures are part of a package of extraordinary powers being handed to police by Premier Mark McGowan under the pretext of stopping drug imports. The laws will be in place until at least 2028. During Covid from April, 2020 to March, 2022, Western Australia prevented anyone from entering the state using similar police barricades.[3]

Forced jabs

The state Public Health Act allows in case of an "emergency" for health officers to "direct any person to undergo medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment or to be vaccinated, as specified by the officer". If they refuse, they will be "restrained" to allow " medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment to be carried out" or "to enable the relevant person to be vaccinated".[4]

The additional "Emergency Management Amendment (Temporary COVID-19 Provisions) Act 2022" allows for the following: evacuation and removal of persons, road closures, and (an) authorised COVID-19 officer may enter, or if necessary break into and enter, any place or vehicle without a warrant or the consent of the owner or occupier, direction of persons to remain quarantined from other persons, to submit to infection prevention and control procedures, close any place of business, worship or entertainment, (collect) the personal details of a person, information about the whereabouts of a person, information about the state of health of a person, information about any recent travel undertake by a person, or information about persons with whom a person has been in close contact.[5][6]



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