Georgetown Leadership Seminar/1984

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Membership• Nava Arad
• Emeka Ayo Azikiwe
• Gerald Williams Barrac
• Camille Becker
• Richard E. Bissell
• Ritt Bjerregaard
• Patricia M. Byrne
• Nelson A.P. Chang
• Bakary Bunja Darbo
• Arturo Fontaine Talavera
• Cesar Gaviria Trujillo
• Howard Dwayne Graves
• Francisco Roberto Andre Gros
• Michael Huffington
• Jerome L. Johnson
• Jan Hendrik Kist
• Alex Krauer
• Josef Christian Litschauer
• Peter Lloyd
• Neil D. McInnes
• Daniel Meridor
• Kyoung Hwie Mihn
• Edward Mortimer
• Teerawat Putamonda
• Janos Rapcsak
• Thavorn Ratanavadi
• José Rodriguez-Spiteri Palazuelo
• Melvin Saenz Biolley
• Juan V. Saez
• Ahmed Wafaa el din Said
• Farooq Sobhan
• Tom Spencer
• Andrew L. Steigman
• Raymond R.M. Tai
• R. Sybren Tijmstra
• Petrus Jacobus van der Merwe
• Yoshihide Watanabe

These are the alumni of the Georgetown Leadership Seminar 1984. The previous year's alumni is Georgetown Leadership Seminar/1983. Next year's alumni is Georgetown Leadership Seminar/1985.[1]

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Known members

3 of the 37 of the members already have pages here:

Richard E. BissellCSIS,United States Information Agency, USAID...
Ritt BjerregaardDouble Bilderberg Danish politician. Georgetown Leadership Seminar, Trilateral Commission..
Alex KrauerFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, Honorary Chairman of Novartis AG.
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