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(spook, fraudster)
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Born11 April 1936
Madrid, Spain
Criminal convictions

Francisco Paesa is a Spanish deep state operative. He is notable for having faked his own death in 1998[1] and thereafter reappearing in 2004 as an organizer of a coup in Equatorial Guinea.


An article in 2012 in El Pais stated that Francisco Paesa "has been involved in nefarious activities - official and extra-official - dating back to the late 1960s, and is now in hiding in Luxembourg after being accused of stealing 10 million dollars from Russian magnate Alexandr Lebedev."[2]

National Bank of Guinea

Through his association with Antonio Garcia, drafter of the constitution of New Guinea under President Francisco Macías Nguema, Paesa became director of National Bank of Guinea.

Alpha Bank

While living in Switzerland, Paesa and a set of Italian businessmen founded Alpha Bank.

Spanish Ministry of the Interior

After serving an 18-month prison sentence for fraud, Paesa joined the MIR through his associations with D/MIR Julian Sancristobal.

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