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Membership• Ernst Albrecht
• Hans-Holger Albrecht
• Ursula von der Leyen
North German family, prominent as civil servants.

The Albrecht family descended from a line of civil-servants, part of what has been called the "Hübsche families".


The Albrecht family was among the hübsche ("courtly" or "genteel") families of Hanover since the 17th century, the informal third elite group after the nobility and the clergy that encompassed the higher bourgeoisie and university-educated civil servants. The family is descended from Barthold Albrecht who was a pastor born in 1557.[1]

Ernst Albrecht

The immediate ancestors of Ernst Albrecht had been wealthy cotton merchants in Bremen and members of the city-state's Hanseatic elite in the 19th and 20th centuries. His grandmother Mary Ladson Robertson was an American of prominent planter class origin from Charleston, South Carolina, and a descendant of James H. Ladson and several colonial governors.[2]

In 1978, the government of Ernst Albrecht (Minister President of the state of Lower Saxony from 1976 to 1990) was responsible for the fictitious explosive attack on the high-security prison in Celle, which became known as the Celler Loch, in order to smuggle undercover agents into the left-wing terrorist scene surrounding the Red Army Faction.

Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen née Albrecht is the current President of the European Commission and former German Defence Minister; she is the daughter of Ernst Albrecht.


Known members

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Albrecht familyNorth German family, prominent as civil servants.
Ursula von der LeyenBilderberger President of the European Commission promoting Vaccine passports
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