Erle Cocke

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Person.png Erle Cocke   C-SPANRdf-icon.png
(spook, soldier, businessman, banker, deep state operative)
Erle Cocke.jpg
Born 1921-05-10
Dawson, Georgia, USA
Died 2000-04-23 (Age 78)
Chevy Chase, Maryland
Nationality American
Parents • Erle Cocke Sr
• Elise Meadows
Spouse Madelyn Grotnes
Party Democratic
A spooky deep state operative who

General Erle Cocke Jr. was a spooky financier whose wider connections were little understood during his life. He testified to his CIA involvement, a fact support by a swathe of other evidence, such as his close connection to the Nugan Hand Bank. The CIA, however, has denied any involvement.[1]


His father, Erle Cocke Sr was Chairman of the FDIC.


Cocke was "a central player in the CIA covert finance entity, Nugan Hand Bank, and was an adviser to every President from Truman through Clinton, as well as being a former alternate Executive Director of the World Bank. Despite this no one appears to knows who General Cocke was. Not the CIA, nor John S Reed, former Citibank CEO & Chairman and accused by General Cocke of being the key man in Project Hammer."[2]

CIA involvement

In a 67-page sworn deposition given in April 2000, just a few days before his death from cancer, General Cocke stated for the record that he used to be debriefed by the CIA following his overseas business trips.[1]