Embassy Contacts for Integrity Initiative

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Group.png Embassy Contacts for Integrity Initiative
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Membership• Laura Perry
• Andrew Masterman
• Andrew Smith
• Wendy Wyver
• Ken O'Flaherty
• Sheba Rosier
• Una Ryan
• Matthew Puttick
• Stefan Kirchner
• Mark Bensberg
• Andrew Harvey
• Lucy Maizels
• Simon Fairweather
• Rachel Aukett
• Tom Hines
• Kevin Farrell
• Natalia Hearn
• Richard Pike
• Margaret Belhof
• Martyn Cushing
• Ruth Rajavejjabhisal
• Michael Howes
• Chris Perkins
• Gavin Vessey
• Dominic Baldwin
• Tim Moody
• Ross Matthews
• Katherine Felton
• Tanya
• Collingridge
• Kimberly Gillingham
• Jarmila Svitekova
• Rob Gordon
• Simon Wood
• Edward Inglett
• Beth Carson
The Integrity Initiative's Embassy and High Commission Contacts

A list of the Integrity Initiative's Embassy and High Commission Contacts around Europe and the world.

Existing Clusters

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France Laura Perry

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece Andrew Masterman

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Germany Andrew Smith

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Italy Wendy Wyver

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Italy CC Ken O'Flaherty

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Italy CC Sheba Rosier

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Lithuania Una Ryan

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands Matthew Puttick

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands from September Stefan Kirchner

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Norway Mark Bensberg

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Norway Andrew Harvey

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Serbia Lucy Maizels

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Spain Simon Fairweather

Planned Clusters

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Austria Rachel Aukett

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Bulgaria Tom Hines

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Canada Kevin Farrell

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Canada Natalia Hearn

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Estonia Richard Pike

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Georgia Margaret Belhof

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Georgia CC Martyn Cushing

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Latvia Ruth Rajavejjabhisal

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Malta Michael Howes

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Moldova Chris Perkins

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Montenegro Gavin Vessey

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Poland Dominic Baldwin

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Poland from Sept Tim Moody

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Portugal Ross Matthews

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Portugal Katherine Felton

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Romania Tanya Collingridge

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Slovakia Kimberly Gillingham

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Slovakia CC Jarmila Svitekova

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Slovakia CC Rob Gordon

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Sweden Simon Wood

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Switzerland Edward Inglett

Integrity Initiative/Cluster/USA Beth Carson

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The scanned list is found in Anonymous' Integrity Initiative leak 1, in 3 parts: Embassy contacts 1, Embassy contacts 2,Embassy contacts 3