Charles Willoughby

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Person.png Charles Willoughby   SpartacusRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Heidelberg, German Empire
Died1972-10-25 (Age 80)
Naples, Florida


"In 1951 Willoughby went before the House of Un-American Activities and provided information about the Richard Sorge spy network. This included information that claimed that Agnes Smedley was a "communist subversive". In retirement Willoughby was a member of the International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture. During the 1950s he worked closely with Billy James Hargis, Haroldson L. Hunt, John Rousselot and other right-wing figures. Willoughby was also a board member of Young Americans for Freedom, an organization created by Larrie Schmidt.[1]

JFK Assassination

"Two days after the [[JFK assassination a long-distance telephone operator in Mexico City monitored an international phone call. She heard one of the voices saying: "The Castro plan is being carried out. Bobby is next." The telephone numbers were traced. One number belonged to Emilio Nunez Portuondo, the Latin American Affairs editor of Willoughby's Foreign Intelligence Digest."[1]

[[Display born on::8 March 1892| ]][[Display died on::25 October 1972| ]]


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