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Document:Afghanistan 1979-1992
Document:Angola 1975 to 1980's
Document:Bulgaria 1990-Albania 1991
Document:Covert War in Indonesia 1957-58
Document:Cuba 1959 to 1980's
Document:About the Assimilation. Author’s afterword
Document:Accusing Russia
Document:After the murder of Alexander II
Document:Alongside the Bolsheviks
Document:American Security Council, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Ariel Merari, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:At the turn of the 20th century
Document:Before the 19th century
Document:Before the Six-Day War
Document:Breaking Away From the Bolshevism
Document:Brian Jenkins, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Britain and the Muslim Brotherhood
Document:British Intervention in British Guiana 1953
Document:Cabinet Publicity Committee
Document:Center for Strategic and International Studies, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Centre for Conflict Studies, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Cercle ExposureDavid Rockefeller's involvement with Le Cercle.
Document:Chabad LubavitchSuppressed information about the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch
Document:Claire Sterling, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Conjuring Hitler - Chapter 6The concluding chapter of Guido Preparata's seminal work of World War II historical revision - Conjuring Hitler
Document:Conjuring Hitler - PrefaceThe preface to Guido Preparata's seminal work of World War II historical revision - Conjuring Hitler
Document:Covert War in Yemen 1962-70
Document:Depopulation of the Chagos Islands 1965-73
Document:Don't Mention the War
Document:During 1917
Document:During WWI (1914-1916)
Document:During the 1920s
Document:During the Civil War
Document:During the Revolution of 1905
Document:During the period of Duma
Document:During the reign of Alexander I
Document:During the reign of Nicholas I
Document:During the war with Germany
Document:Ecuador 1960 to 1963
Document:Emigration between the two World Wars
Document:Extract from 'Written in Flames'
Document:From the End of the War to Stalin’s Death
Document:Guatemala 1962 to 1980's
Document:Haiti 1986-94
Document:Heritage Foundation, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry
Document:Hidden History - Concluding chapterThe concluding chapter of a seminal work of historical revision on the origins of World War I and 100 years of establishment lies to hide where responsibility really lies
Document:House Negro
Document:How CIA Money Took the Teeth Out of Socialism
Document:In the 1930s
Document:In the Age of Reforms
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