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A list of Bilderbergers born from 1930 to 1939

This list does not contain the "observers" of the meetings.

Previous list: Bilderberg/Guests/Born/1920-1929  


Antony Acland12 March 1930UKBilderberger diplomat
Michel Albert25 February 193019 March 2015France
Michael Angus5 May 193013 March 2010UK
Nicholas Brady11 April 1930USAttended 4 Bilderbergs in the 1980s. Bilderberg Steering committee, Book and Snake, CFR
Guido Brunner27 May 19302 December 1997German
Michel Dupuy11 January 1930Canada2nd generation Bilderberger, a Canadian diplomat like his father
Nicholas Eden3 October 193017 August 1985UK
Rodney Elton2 March 1930UK
Max Frankel3 April 1930US
Franz Froschmaier29 July 19308 January 2013German
Lorenzo Vallarino Gancia20 June 19307 October 2017Italy
Marshall I. Goldman26 July 19302 August 2017US
Meg Greenfield27 December 193013 May 1999US
Fred Harris13 November 1930US
Helmut H. Hascheck3 October 193031 March 1993Austria
Ivan Head28 July 19301 November 2004Canada
Alfred Herrhausen30 January 193030 November 1989GermanMulti Bilderberg, Chairman of Deutsche Bank. Promoted the cancellation of unpayable debt. Assassinated in 1989 "in a military operation of a complexity without precedent"
Douglas Hurd8 March 1930UK
Adlai Stevenson III10 October 1930USSingle Bilderberg son of Adlai Stevenson II
David Kearns11 August 193025 February 2011USTLC member, Attended 5 Bilderbergs as Xerox/CEO
Kenneth Keniston1930US
Helmut Kohl3 April 193016 June 2017German
Rahmi Koç1930TurkeyTurkish billionaire businessman. Single Bilderberger
Erwin Lanc17 May 1930Austria
Samuel Lewis1 October 193010 March 2014USSingle Bilderberg US Ambassador to Israel for 8 years
Assar Lindbeck26 January 1930Sweden
Jérôme Monod7 September 193018 August 2016France
Haluk Ozgul193024 September 1988Turkey
Willibald Pahr5 June 1930AustriaSingle Bilderberg Austrian politcian
Jacques Parizeau9 August 19301 June 2015Canada
Norman Podhoretz16 January 1930USOne of the founding fathers of the neoconservative movement
Alfred Powis16 September 193010 October 2007Canada
Jordi Pujol9 June 1930Spain
S. Ichtiaque Rasool193020 April 2016US
Michel Rocard23 August 19302 July 2016France
Renato Ruggiero9 April 19304 August 2013ItalyItalian politician who discussed "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Heavy Bilderberg habit, WTO/Director-General
Ole Scherfig22 December 19302 April 2000Denmark
Patrick Sheehy2 September 193023 July 2019UK
Henry Siegman1930US
Theo Sommer10 June 1930GermanEditor of Die Zeit. Bilderberg Steering Committee
George Soros12 August 1930Hungary
Financial speculator, beneficiary of Black Wednesday
Kalevi Sorsa21 December 193016 January 2004Finland
Frank Swaelen23 March 193023 December 2007Belgium
Şarık Tara22 April 193028 June 2018TurkeyTurkish single Bilderberger billionaire businessman
Alfons Verplaetse19 February 1930Belgium
Ezra Vogel11 July 1930US
Niels Werring23 December 1930Norway14 times Bilderberger Norwegian ship owner
Shirley Williams27 July 1930UK
Carl Johan Åberg19 October 19307 March 2010SwedenSwedish one time Bilderberger



Alfredo AmbrosettiJune 1931Italy6 times Bilderberg visitor Italian businessman
Gerasimos Arsenis30 May 193119 April 2016Greece
Maria Becket7 April 193129 October 2012Greece
Eivinn Berg31 July 193123 September 2013Norway
Selahattin Beyazit1931TurkeyTurkish Bilderberg Steering committee
Luigi Caligaris4 October 193117 October 2019ItalySingle Bilderberger Italian journalist
Angelos Canellopoulos4 June 193121 November 2009Greece
James Chace16 October 19318 October 2004US
Alain Chevalier19311 November 2018France
Ian Hay DavisonJune 1931UKSingle Bilderberg UK banker
Willem van Eekelen5 February 1931Netherlands
Casimir Ehrnrooth6 April 19318 July 2015Finland
Thomas O. Enders28 November 193117 March 1996US
Gerard Eskenazi10 November 1931France
Kjell-Olof Feldt18 August 1931SwedenDouble Bilderberger Swedish politician
Lee H. Hamilton20 April 1931USHaving chaired some key house committees, Hamilton appears to have established himself as a safe pair of hands for handling potentially damaging information, explaining his choice as fallback vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.
Charles H. Price II1 April 193112 January 2012US
Alex KrauerJune 1931SwitzerlandFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, Honorary Chairman of Novartis AG.
Stig Larsson1931Sweden
Drew Lewis3 November 193110 February 2016US
Klaus Liesen15 April 193130 March 2017German
Bruce K. MacLaury1931US7 Bilderbergs, Federal Resereve, President of the Brookings Institution
Hans van Mierlo18 August 193111 March 2010Netherlands
Rupert Murdoch11 March 1931USAustralian American media mogul and business magnate.
Roelof Nelissen4 April 193118 July 2019Netherlands
Cecil Parkinson1 September 193122 January 2016UK
Thomas Pickering5 November 1931USSuspected US diplomat and deep politician. Highly connected
William Purves27 December 1931UK
Alice M. Rivlin4 March 1931US
Evelyn de Rothschild29 August 1931UK
Mariano Rubio14 November 19314 October 1999SpainGovernor of the Bank of Spain, Bilderberger
Carlos Ferrer Salat22 March 193118 October 1998Spain
Henri Simonet10 May 193115 February 1996BelgiumBelgian politician, Bilderberg Steering committee
Guy Spitaels3 September 193121 August 2012Belgium
André Spoor22 June 193118 September 2012Netherlands
Thorvald Stoltenberg8 July 1931Norway
Shirley Summerskill9 September 1931UK
Norman Tebbit29 March 1931UK
Bertil Torekull16 October 1931Sweden
Ola Ullsten23 June 1931SwedenSingle Bilderberger Prime Minister of Sweden
Mark Weinberg9 August 1931UK
Lawrence Wilder17 January 1931US
Constantine Zepos1931GreeceSingle Bilderberger



Ali Hikmet Alp5 December 1932Turkey
Israel Asper11 August 19327 October 2003Canada
Rodric Braithwaite17 May 1932UK
Efthimios Christodoulou1932Greece
Ramon Cortines1932USUS superintendant of school systems
John Culver8 August 193227 December 2018US
Kenneth Dam10 August 1932USEconomist acting US Secretary of State with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Michel David-Weill23 November 1932France
Étienne Davignon4 October 1932BelgiumBelgian deep politician, EU commissioner, Bilderberg chairman, Egmont Institute president
Per Ditlev-Simonsen12 June 1932Norway
Arthur Dunkel26 August 19328 June 2005SwitzerlandDirector-General of the World Trade Organization for over 12 years. 5 Bilderbergs
Aatos Erkko16 September 19325 May 2012FinlandFinnish multi millionaire publisher
Max Geldens19321989Netherlands
Roy Hattersley28 December 1932UK
Jaakko Iloniemi30 May 1932FinlandBilderberg Steering committee, Finnish Ambassador to the US
Hal Jackman10 June 1932Canada
Nancy Kassebaum29 July 1932US
Thomas Klestil4 November 19326 July 2004Austria
Nigel Lawson11 March 1932UK
Donald MacDonald1 March 193214 October 2018CanadaCanadian Bilderberg Steering committee member
David McLaughlin16 March 193225 August 2004US
John Nott1 February 1932UK
William E. Odom23 June 193230 May 2008US
Benjamin Payton193228 September 2016US
Christopher Price26 January 193221 February 2015UK
Donald Rumsfeld9 July 1932US
Otto Schily20 July 1932German
Guido Schmidt-Chiari13 September 193221 August 2016Austria
Cornelio Sommaruga29 December 1932Switzerland
Philippe de Schoutheete de Tervarent21 May 193229 September 2016Belgium
C.G.E. Theriault5 June 193213 October 1998Canada
David Ivor Young27 February 1932UK



Godfried van Benthem van den Bergh1933Netherlands
Frits Bolkestein4 April 1933NetherlandsQuad Bilderberger Dutch Defence minister
Robert Bourassa14 July 19332 October 1996Canada
Dianne Feinstein22 June 1933US
Walter FrehnerJune 1933Switzerland
Raul Gardini7 June 193323 July 1993ItalyERTI scandal ridden Italian businessman who "died by a dubious suicide"
Maynard Glitman8 December 193313 December 2010US
Sten Gustafsson2 December 193315 March 2019SwedenBilderberg Steering Committee, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces
Michael Heseltine21 March 1933Wales
Peter Jankowitsch10 July 1933AustriaBilderberg Steering committee
Arno Penzias26 April 1933US
Willem Scherpenhuijsen1933Netherlands
Reiulf Steen16 August 19335 June 2014Norway
Poul Svanholm7 June 1933Denmark
Josef Taus8 February 1933Austria
Alexander Trotman22 July 193325 April 2005UK
Ben J. Wattenberg26 August 1933US
Lars Wohlin24 June 193324 September 2018Sweden
James Wolfensohn1 December 1933Australia
Australian/US dual national, President of the World Bank, Bilderberg steering committee



Umberto Agnelli1 November 193427 May 2004ItalyItalian business magnate with multiple deep state connections including the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Martin Bangemann15 November 1934German
Jean Chrétien11 January 1934Canada
Richard Cooper14 June 1934US
José Cutileiro20 November 1934Portugal
Piet Dankert8 January 1934Netherlands
Bernard EsambertJuly 1934France
Bernardino Gomes22 June 19342006Portugal
Carla Anderson Hills3 January 1934US
Karl Kaiser8 December 1934GermanGerman academic and contact of Henry Kissinger. Spoke at 3 of the 4 Bilderbergs he attended
John Keegan15 May 19342 August 2012UK
Nicholas de Kerchove11 October 1934Belgium
Robert Mabro26 December 19342 August 2016Greek?
Roy MacLaren26 October 1934CanadaFive Bilderberg visits, Canadian politician
Paul Manson20 August 1934Canada
William McDonough21 April 193422 January 2018USCFR, TLC, 7 Bilderbergs, Group of Thirty, NY Fed Chairman..
Henri de Monpezat11 June 1934Denmark
Bill Moyers5 June 1934USWhite House Press Secretary in the 1960s. Former CFR. In 1987 published The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, an early expose of the US deep state
Einar Fr. Nagell-Erichsen15 February 193412 November 2007Norway
John PaleocrassasMarch 1934Greece
Jean-Claude Paye26 August 1934FranceDouble Bilderberger President of Le Siècle
Lucy C. Smith12 October 193427 August 2013Norway
Luigi Spaventa5 March 19346 January 2013ItalySingle Bilderberger Italian politician
Anders Thunborg9 June 193410 December 2004Sweden
Niels Thygesen13 December 1934Denmark
Gerhard Wendt21 November 193411 January 2010Finland
Manfred Wörner24 September 193413 August 1994GermanEx Secretary General of NATO.



Nils Astrup12 November 19355 September 2005NorwayNorwegian shipowner who headed up the Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Claude Bebear29 July 1935France
Marshall Cohen28 March 1935Canada
Theodore Couloumbis1935Greece
Elizabeth Drew16 November 1935US
Wim Duisenberg9 July 193531 July 2005NetherlandsPresident of the European Central Bank, 7 Bilderbergs
Ustun Erguder1935Turkey
David Hannay28 September 1935UK
James F. Hoge1935US
James D. Robinson III19 November 1935US
Robert Jeker26 August 1935July 2012Switzerland
Vernon Jordan15 August 1935USClose friend of Bill Clinton. A member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who has attended the Bilderberg over 30 times
Thomas Kean21 April 1935US
Hilmar Kopper13 March 1935GermanBilderberg/Steering committee, chairman of Deutsche Bank
Lewis Lapham8 January 1935US
Felicien Morel4 March 1935Switzerland
Piero Ostellino9 October 1935Italy
Franco Reviglio1935Italy
William Rhodes15 August 1935US
Rozanne L. Ridgway22 August 1935USBilderberg Steering committee
J. Stapleton Roy1935US
David Scholey28 June 1935UKGovernor of the Bank of England
Gary Sick1935US
Arthur R. Taylor6 July 19353 December 2015USQuad Bilderberger US businessman
George Vojta13 November 193522 December 2010USSingle Bilderberg, BIS, central banker
Marina von Neumann Whitman6 March 1935US



Reginald Bartholomew17 February 193626 August 2012US
Franz Blankart27 November 1936Switzerland
Hans van den Broek11 December 1936NetherlandsLawyer politician, Bilderberger panelist, Dutch Foreign Minister for 10 years
Arne Olav Brundtland16 October 1936NorwaySingle Bilderberger academic married to Norwegian PM and big pharma lobbyist Gro Harlem Brundtland.
Peter Corterier19 June 193622 February 2017German
João Cardona G. Cravinho19 September 1936Portugal
Jean-Pascal Delamuraz1 April 19364 October 1998SwitzerlandSingle Bilderberger Member of the Swiss Federal Council
William Foltz193627 October 2013US
Erich Gysling1936Switzerland
Christopher Hogg2 August 1936UKDouble Bilderberg UK big pharma exec who also directed Reuters
Otmar Issing27 March 1936GermanTriple Bilderberger European central banker
Klaus Jacobi1936German
Daniel Janssen15 April 1936BelgiumBilderberg Steering committee Belgian business leader
Michael Jenkins9 January 193631 March 2013UK
Donald Johnston26 June 1936Canada
Kostas Karras21 June 19366 May 2012GreeceGreek actor and politician. Bilderberg Steering committee, 19 Bilderbergs
Hans Klein5 August 1936GermanSingle Bilderberger Member of Parliament for the CDU/CSU; Spokesman on Foreign Affairs
Lars Langslet5 March 193618 January 2016Norway
Aarnout Loudon10 December 1936Netherlands
Wilfred Martens19 April 19369 October 2013Belgium
Donald McHenry13 October 1936US
Heinrich Neisser19 May 1936German
Robert O'Neill6 November 1936Australia
Anthony O'Reilly7 May 1936Eire
Schelto Patijn13 August 193615 July 2007Netherlands
Andre Goncalves Pereira26 July 19369 September 2019Portugal
Giles Radice4 October 1936UK
Yves Sabouret15 April 1936France
Rockwell Schnabel30 December 1936US
Larry A. Siedentop24 May 1936US
Jacques van Ypersele de Strihou5 December 1936Belgium
Miguel Veiga30 June 193614 JLPortugal
Henning Wegener6 June 1936German
Nils Wilhjelm17 June 19365 March 2018DenmarkDanish Minister of Industry, businessman and multi-Bilderberger



Martti Ahtisaari23 June 1937Finland10th President of Finland, UN Commissioner for Namibia, 3 Bilderbergs
Michael Armacost15 April 1937US
Francisco Pinto Balsemão1 September 1937Portugal>30 Bilderbergs, Bilderberg Steering committee, Prime Minister of Portugal
Robert Bartley12 October 193710 December 2003USManaged the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits
Giorgio Benvenuto8 December 1937Italy
Christoph Bertram3 September 1937GermanGerman journalist with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Pieter Bottelier1937Netherlands
Birgit Breuel7 September 1937GermanGerman politician, 6 times Bilderberger
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst18 March 1937Netherlands
Andreas von Bülow17 July 1937German
Ulrich Cartellieri21 September 1937GermanGerman banker and arms company executive. Attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1990s.
Huseyin Celem28 September 1937Turkey
John A.D. de Chastelain30 July 1937Canada
Jean Pierre Cot23 October 1937Switzerland
George David10 June 1937CyprusGreek Cypriot entrepreneur, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Colette Flesch16 April 1937LuxembourgLuxembourgish politician. 3 Bilderbergs
James Florio29 August 1937USSingle Bilderberger Governor of New Jersey
Stephen Friedman21 December 1937US
Barbara Frum8 September 193726 March 1992Canada
Emre Gönensay1937Turkey
Johan Jørgen Holst29 November 193713 January 1994Norway
Gunter Huonker24 February 1937German
Lionel Jospin12 July 1937France
Jens Kampmann30 March 1937Denmark
Peter Krogh1937US
André Levy-Lang1937France10 Bilderbergs (Steering Committee members), Le Siècle
Winston Lord14 August 1937USFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, bonesman, CFR
André Lévy-Lang1937FranceFrench banker on the Bilderberg Steering committee
Barbara McDougall12 November 1937CanadaCanadian member of CFR's Global Board of Advisors, single Bilderberg
Joseph Nye19 January 1937US
Jean-Paul Parayre5 July 1937France
Colin Powell5 April 1937US
Jay Rockefeller18 June 1937US
Wilbur Ross28 November 1937US
Gaetano Scardocchia19371993Italy
Karel Schwarzenberg10 December 1937Czech Republic
Ernest-Antoine Seillière20 December 1937FranceMillionaire French businessman, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Le Siècle
Lothar Späth16 November 193718 March 2016German
Lionel Stoleru22 November 193730 November 2016France
Björn Svedberg1937Sweden
Morris Tabaksnlat19 September 193720 October 2011Netherlands
Harald V21 February 1937Norway
Franz Vranitzky4 October 1937AustriaChancellor of Austria, central banker, Bilderberg Steering committee
Michael Wilson4 November 1937Canada
Mortimer Zuckerman4 June 1937Canada
Hikmet Çetin1937Turkey



David Aaron21 August 1938US
Paul Allaire21 July 193824 February 2019USBilderberg Steering Committee member who headed Rank Xerox
Hannes Androsch18 April 1938AustriaFormer Bilderberg Steering committee member, politician, banker, businessman
Beatrix Armgard31 January 1938NetherlandsQueen Beatrix. Kicked a very heavy Bilderberg habit in 2015.
Douglas Bennet23 June 1938US
Charles Boyd15 April 1938US3 Bilderbergs, CFR, husband of Jessica Mathews
Willy Claes24 November 1938BelgiumBilderberger, fraudster, ex Secretary General of NATO.
John M. Deutch27 July 1938USUSDSO, confronted as CIA Director by Mike Ruppert about CIA Drug dealing in 1996
Fredrik Eaton26 June 1938CanadaBilderberg Canadian businessman and former diplomat
Heinz Fischer9 October 1938Austria
Thomas Fleiner16 July 1938Switzerland
Peter Godsoe2 May 1938Canada
Gregory HadjieleftheriadisOctober 1938Greece
Frank Wisner II2 July 1938US
H. John Heinz III23 October 19384 April 1991USA US politician and Bilderberger who died in a small plane crash the day before a friend of his, John Tower also died in a plane crash.
Peter Jennings29 July 19387 August 2005Canada
Wim Kok29 September 1938Netherlands
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski3 October 1938Peru
Franz LeibenfrostApril 1938Austria
Paul Martin28 August 1938Canada
Michael Moskow7 January 1938US
Sam Nunn8 September 1938USDouble Bilderberger Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Operation Dark Winter participant, founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative
David Owen2 July 1938UK
Theodoros Pangalos17 August 1938Greece
Robert PfaltzgraffJanuary 1938US
Roberto Poli28 June 1938Italy
Lee Raymond13 August 1938US
Donald Riegle4 February 1938US
Robert Rubin29 August 1938USFinancial industry deregulator. Goldman. Citigroup. CFR Chairman. "Where Wall St. meets Washington"
Özdem Sanberk1 August 1938Turkey
Klaus Schwab30 March 1938GermanGerman economist, Bilderberg Steering committee, World Economic Forum Board of Trustees
Hörður Sigurgestsson2 June 193822 April 2019Iceland
Thomas Simons4 September 1938US
John Smith13 September 193812 May 1994UKUK labour leader who suffered a fatal heart attack
Juan Carlos I of Spain5 January 1938Spain
Queen Sofía of Spain2 November 1938SpainSpanish royal with penchant for Bilderbergs
David Steel31 March 1938
Lester Thurow7 May 193825 March 2016US
Klaus Töpfer29 July 1938German



Lloyd Axworthy21 December 1939Canada
A. Charles Baillie20 December 1939Canada
Isabel Bassett23 August 1939Canada
Robert D. Blackwill8 August 1939US
Leon Brittan25 September 193921 January 2015UK
Gro Harlem Brundtland20 April 1939NorwayDeep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Giampiero Cantoni10 February 19399 May 2012Italy
Jean-Pierre Chevenement9 March 1939France
Henning Christophersen8 November 193931 December 2016DenmarkDnish politician. An early architect of the Single Market and the Euro. 3 Bilderbergs
Flavio Cotti18 October 1939SwitzerlandSwiss politician who attended 4 Bilderbergs in the 1990s
John Egan1939UK
Martin Feldstein25 November 193911 June 2019USUS economist, Trilateral Commission, heavy Bilderberg habit towards the end of his life.
Peter Glotz6 March 193925 August 2005German
Victor Halberstadt16 June 1939NetherlandsA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
Tom Hedelius3 October 1939Sweden
John Horam7 March 1939UK
Robert Horton18 August 193930 December 2011UK
Sirkka Hämäläinen8 May 1939Finland
Jaako Ihamuotila25 November 1939Finland
James R. Jones5 May 1939US
James Kimsey15 September 19391 March 2016USAOL co-founder, single Bilderberg
Olli Kivinen24 March 193920 July 2014Finland
Andrew Knight1 November 1939UKEditor of The Economist for 12 years
Bernard Kouchner1 November 1939FranceSingle Bilderberg French politician
John LaFalce6 October 1939US
Ruud Lubbers7 May 1939Netherlands
Giorgio La Malfa13 October 1939ItalyTriple Bilderberger Italian politician
Stephanos Manos20 December 1939Greece
Pauline Neville-Jones2 November 1939UK
Arend Oetker30 March 1939German
Tugay Ozceri7 December 193926 August 2003Turkey
Alexandre de Azeredo Vaz Pinto10 May 1939Portugal
Romano Prodi9 August 1939ItalyMulti-Bilderberger Prime Minister of Italy
James Roche16 December 1939US
H. Onno Ruding15 August 1939Netherlands
Miguel Boyer Salvador5 February 193929 September 2014Spain
Jorge Sampaio18 September 1939Portugal
Robert Skidelsky25 April 1939UK
John H. Sununu2 July 1939USNew Hampshire Governor, Attended the 1990 Bilderberg as White House Chief of Staff
Ilkka Suominen8 April 1939Finland
Erwin Teufel4 September 1939German
Jaime Carvajal Urquijo9 June 1939SpainSpanish Bilderberg steering committee member
Emilio Rui Vilar17 May 1939Portugal
Themistocles VokosMay 1939Greece



William Esrey1940USTelecom exec who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1989 to 1992
Wolfgang Hager1940German
Robert Hunter1940US
Lochlann Quinn1940Eire
Joaquin Romero-Maura1940Spain
John Vincocur1940US
John Vinocur1940US

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