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Anonymity is the state of being (literally) with no name, i.e. of unknown identity.

Facial recognition

The Guy Fawkes mask is used both as a symbol of affiliation to 'Anonymous' and as a practice measure to help preserve anonymity.

The rise of facial recognition technology has made it increasingly easy to determine people's identity, in real time, as a first step to looking up information about them from a database. This technology is easily thwarted by hiding one's face with a mask.

Internet anonymity

Full article: Internet anonymity

Internet anonymity is increasingly difficult as universal surveillance technology progresses. While the details of the surveillance itself are kept secret, users are encouraged to sign in and internet traffic is monitored and logged. The phrase "going dark" is used in the context of internet anonymity. It is applied to people (typically those labelled as suspected "terrorists") to preserve anonymity online whether by avoiding use of identifiable access to the internet or by avoiding it altogether.


An example

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