2014 Norway terror threat

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Event.png 2014 Norway terror threat (Terror threat,  propaganda campaign?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date24 July 2014
DescriptionAn (apparently not very) "specific terror threat against Norway"

On 24 July 2014, Norwegian Justice and Public Security Minister Anders Anundsen stated that "there is a specific terror threat against Norway" after reports from PST, the Norwegian Police Security Service. No particular target has been reported. [1]

Official narrative

Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) chief Benedicte Bjornland stated at a press conference that PST has recently received information "that people associated with an extreme Islamist group in Syria may intend to carry out a terrorist act in Norway shortly. It is well documented that these groups are engaged in pure terrorist activities. We are concerned that people with Norwegian connections are linked to such groups".[2]

In March 2014, In March, PST estimated that around 50 "Norwegians" had traveled to the civil war-torn country. Several unnamed "experts" believed it is likely that some of these were involved in the planning of a terrorist attack against Norway.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that PST had put the case at the highest threat level, and officers had been recalled from their summer breaks to deal with the situation.[3]


Of relevance for the situation is that US-NATO military/intelligence services since 2011 had a large operation to facilitate foreign fighters to enter Syria, where they were trained and armed as proxy forces in the attempt to topple the Syrian government.

The "imminence" of the threat may be related to the fact that the Ministry of Justice sent out for consultation a proposal to amend the law for foreign fighters, wanting "broader powers".[3]

Also, it was a newly established anti-terrorist group Joint Counterterrorism Center (FKTS) - wanting to justify its existence - that uncovered the threat. The center started operations in February 2014 and is staffed by employees from both PST and the Military Intelligence Service.[3]

A third factor is the push to "temporarily" arm Norwegian police. Norwegian police, traditionally unarmed, was armed for 436 days after 2014, the longest continuous period of armament.[4]

A terror attack would also have prepared the ground in public opinion for a military intervention to regime change President Assad of Syria, under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

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