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Date8 November 2004
DescriptionBush vs Kerry (both Skull & Bones)

In the 2004 United States presidential election, the US public was allowed to choose between two bonesmen.


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Mark Crispin Miller“I did all that work, moreover, not as a Democrat: I hadn’t voted Democratic since 1992 (and wouldn’t have done that if I’d known better)—and that disinclination only hardened as the years went on, and it became increasingly apparent that the Democrats had just as little interest in reforming our elections as their nominal opponents, even though the Democrats themselves kept illegitimately “losing,” through that “one-two punch” of vote suppression and computerized election fraud...The Democrats seemed, weirdly, not to care that they were losing, even though they knew they hadn’t really lost.
I finally came to understand that the results of “our” elections really aren’t determined by the dirty operatives of either party, but are ordained at a much higher level, in furtherance of propaganda narratives to come.”
Mark Crispin MillerOctober 2022
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