1948 BSAA Star Ariel disappearance

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Event.png 1948 BSAA Star Ariel disappearance (air disaster) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date17 January 1949
Typeair crash
InterestsBermuda Triangle
DescriptionA plane that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle in 1948, remains unsolved

Star Ariel was an Avro Tudor Mark IVB passenger aircraft owned and operated by British South American Airways (BSAA) which disappeared without a trace over the Atlantic Ocean while on a flight between Bermuda and Kingston, Jamaica, on 17 January 1949. The loss of the aircraft along with that of BSAA Avro Tudor Star Tiger in January 1948 remain unsolved to this day, with the resulting speculation helping to develop the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.[1]