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Alma materMoscow State Humanities University
ParentsSergei Skripal

Yulia Skripal is the daughter of Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal. British authorities stated that she and her father were poisoned by Russian agents in Salisbury on 4 March 2018, in a much publicized incident.

Full article: Skripal Affair

Since then, she has barely been seen or heard from by the world.


In 2004, her father was arrested in Russia for spying on behalf of the UK, and convicted to 13 years jail. When he was prisoner swapped in 2010 and moved to the UK, she also moved there for a few years (2010-14), but soon moved back to Russia, from where she frequently visited her father.

In Russia, she worked for PepsiCo. Before starting in PepsiCo, she is listed as having worked at Holiday Inn in Southampton 2010-14, at Nike as a customer operations representative in Moscow, and as an admission specialist at CIS Russia, a private school in Moscow.[1]

In Moscow, where she lived, she a long-term boyfriend and a dog, and also kept in close touch with her grandmother, Sergei's mother. Since the incident in Salisbury, she has neither contacted her 90-year old grandmother nor her boyfriend.

She has contacts with a cousin, Viktoria Skripal, who Yulia is known to have called once from the hospital in Salisbury in April 2018, and who has made state some statements regarding Yulia's affairs. According to a leaked recording of the phone call, Yulia tells Viktoria that she was given a temporary phone. Viktoria then says she intends to visit London and see Yulia on Monday, with the woman's voice replying "They are not going to give you a visa, Vik."[2] - Which indeed turned out to be the case: Viktoria was denied a British visa twice,[3] a conspicuous fact given the prominence of the case.

A friend "contacted through social networks" was responsible for selling her flat and car in Moscow in 2019[4].

She also kept - or was kept - out with media, with only a brief and somewhat contrived video statement given to media after she was released from hospital.

Yulia Skripal statement. "“In the longer term I hope to return home to my country.”

On 10 April 2018, the Russian Embassy in London tweeted:

 "We are genuinely happy for Yulia Skripal and wish her a further recovery and rehabilitation. We pay tribute to the professionalism of NHS staff. At the same time, media reports that Yulia has left hospital for a 'secure location' cause concern."[5] 

In June 2020, British authorities announced that she and her father would be relocated to New Zealand.[6]


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Skripal Affair“Austria officially confirmed this week that the British Government’s allegation that Novichok, a Russian chemical warfare agent, was used in England by GRU, the Russian military intelligence service, in March 2018, was a British invention. Investigations in Vienna by four Austrian government ministries, the BVT intelligence agency, and by Austrian prosecutors have revealed that secret OPCW reports on the blood testing of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, copies of which were transferred to the Austrian government, did not reveal a Russian-made nerve agent.”July 2020


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