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(journalist, writer)
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Oliver Eagleton is a British journalist contributing to @NewLeftReview, @guardian, @TheTLS, @jacobinmag and @novaramedia, and is working on a book for @VersoBooks.[1]

Starmer biography

According to the Evening Standard of 5 August 2021:

Sir Keir Starmer is in the sights of the Left of his party again — a new biography of the Labour leader is being written by Oliver Eagleton, a Novara Media contributor.

“He’s both given up on the principles and on the competence and has proved himself not a slick, effective, lawyerly operator but rather deeply dithering and indecisive and uncharismatic,” Eagleton claims to us.

"The Starmer Project" was sparked by a blog Eagleton wrote in January examining Keir Starmer’s record as Director of Public Prosecutions and is out next May. Eagleton — son of literary critic Terry Eagleton — adds: “It is important to be constructive and clear-eyed. I hope that the tone of the book isn’t just polemical.”[2]


Documents by Oliver Eagleton

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Here’s What Really Happened When Labour Suspended CorbynArticle27 July 2021"Antisemitism"
Jeremy Corbyn
Keir Starmer
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Alex Sobel
If Keir Starmer was always unlikely to stand by his ten pledges and retain the bulk of the 2017 manifesto, some hoped he would at least bring a slickness and efficiency to LOTO that was missing under Jeremy Corbyn. After the suspension debacle, this is a hope that few can cling to.
Document:Keir Starmer is a Long-Time Servant of the British Security StateArticle2 March 2021Julian Assange
Tzipi Livni
Benjamin Netanyahu
Eric Holder
William Hague
Jeremy Corbyn
Keir Starmer
Narendra Modi
Mark Sedwill
Stefania Maurizi
Gary McKinnon
Spycops scandal
Keir Starmer is sometimes praised for being an outsider in the world of politics (or mocked as too lawyerly and insufficiently political). But in reality, much of his work as Director of Public Prosecutions blurred the boundaries between prosecutor and politician – following the dictates of the Cameron coalition, negotiating with foreign officials on its behalf, and dropping or pursuing cases according to its interests.