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Concept.png News blackout
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Events of significance that are not reported about by the commercially-controlled media; or so little reporting is done, that it basically comes down to the same.

A news blackout (sometimes media blackout), is a deliberate restriction or suppression of news coverage and information dissemination by a government (like the D Notice) or through decisions made within the commercially-controlled media; in some cases it might only be a temporary measure.

News blackouts can ordered during times of crisis, military operations, sensitive negotiations, or other situations where the release of information could have significant consequences. It might be done for various reasons, such as to control the narrative, prevent panic, protect national security, or manipulate public perception.

Partial news blackout

A partial news blackout is happening when only a certain set of of media outlets do report on a specific issue; like was the case with the Hunter Biden's laptop, which was during the first years after the story broke exclusively covered by Murdoch's the New York Post. This made the issue non existent to readers/viewers who get their news from democrat leaning outlets in the US.



Page nameDescription
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attackTwo Israelis caught with false passports grenades, explosives and guns in the Mexican parliament a month after 9-11. Later released without charge. Western corporate media aware but uninterested.
9-11/WTC6A building in the World Trade Center which suffered at least one large explosion during September 11th. It housed the El Dorado Task force, which coordinated all major money laundering investigations in the U.S.
DSMA-NoticeAn official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security, a system of censorship in use in the UK.
Hunter Biden/LaptopHunter Biden left a Mac Book in a repair shop in Delaware and forgot about...
Willem MatserWillem Matser was a NATO official close to Lord Robertson, NATO’s 10th Secretary General. He was charged with various offences in connection with a $200m drug related money laundering operation between Colombia and Romania.
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