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HeadquartersWTC6, New York, USA
InterestsMoney laundering

The El Dorado Task force is an interagency group founded in 1992 which coordinates all the major money laundering investigations in the U.S."[1] The El Dorado Task Force consists of over 260 members from more than 55 law enforcement agencies in New York and New Jersey – including Special Agents, state and local police investigators, intelligence analysts and Federal prosecutors.[2]

Official narrative

"A multi-agency task force led by US Customs and IRS, the El Dorado Task Force consists of over 200 representatives from federal, state, and local law enforcement targeting the primary avenues drug traffickers use to launder drug profits: money services, physical transportation, merchandising and banking and brokerages. The El Dorado Task Force received national recognition for its Geographical Targeting Order ("GTO") initiative, which drastically changed wire transfer reporting procedures. By requiring transmitters to report cash transactions in excess of $750 (the previous cap was $10,000), the GTO effectively blocked drug traffickers from laundering their drug proceeds through these remitters. Drug traffickers were forced to use alternative, less secure methods, such as money couriers, to get their drug money out of the country. As a result, cash seizures by law enforcement increased dramatically."[3]


The group is mentioned in a 2014 article in Muckrock entitled "The most powerful agency you’ve never heard of: Homeland Security Investigations".[4]

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