Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience

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Place.png Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience
(Prison, Pandemic prison, Hospital)
Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience letter.png
A letter sent to residents.
COVID 19 in Australia is here to stay. This massive facility will have thousands of beds meant for mandatory quarantine.

Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience in Victoria, Australia will be built outside the suburb of Mickleham 29 kilometres north of Melbourne. The plot of land at 135 Donnybrook Road is going to be used to build a large camp/facility which will be used for mandatory quarantine. The lot is the size of an airport.

The site was chosen from a number of others. The design will be based upon another quarantine facility in Howard Springs.

The centre is being built on Commonwealth land and construction costs will be funded by the federal government, with the Victorian government to run the facility.

In 2012, the site used to hold imported animals and plants in quarantine before release into Australia.[1] The cost was 400 million dollars.[2]

Also known as Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility.


A screenshot from Google Maps. This is where the "quarantine camp" will be constructed. Looks like a huge site.

International construction giant Multiplex won the tender to build the new modular 1,000-bed quarantine facility at Mickleham, Melbourne.[3]

Construction begun on 14 August 2021. Renders of the design look like a hotel.[4]

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