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Website which Victor Madeira suggested in 2018 the Institute for Statecraft include as an associate and partner organisation.

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Founder: Alex King

Main focus: Ukraine, trolls, “Russian Propaganda”

GlasnostGone is a website which Victor Madeira suggested in 2018 the Institute for Statecraft include as an associate and partner organisation.[1] By 2023, the website had been made private, although still active on Twitter[2].

Own words

First off, despite what the Kremlin’s little trolls would have you believe, I’ve absolutely zero connection with Ukraine, just simply an English chap who doesn’t like puffed up, bullying dictators.

In Aug 2014, I found myself taking up the good fight for Ukraine. This out of the blue decision came about after seeing Russian state trolls posting comments on a Ukraine story, via the BBC website. It’s not widely known, but everyday, Kremlin trolls post comments on all the worlds major news, websites. So feeling somewhat miffed by those pesky Russians invading the BBC, Glasnost Gone was duly born.

After a few smaller Twitter campaigns, such as #RussiaTodaySpinning, I founded Nadiya Savchenko’s, #FreeSavchenko campaign. With the help of many good people around the world, 1.6 million tweets, World leaders and politicians around the world calling her release, Nadiya’s remarkable Russian lawyers and the incredible Ukrainian bravery of Nadiya herself, in May 2016, Russia was forced to free her.

Now, using satellite imagery & open source material, I’m doing what I can to highlight Russia’s, on-going military involvement in eastern Ukraine. I addition, as you’ll see on this blog, I’m trying to show something of the on-going suffering of civilians living on the frontline.

I am 100% independent of any country, or organisation. I simply post what I feel is important and what I hope the world might want to read.

So that’s me. You have my sincere thanks for stopping by and should you want to support my work (PLEASE DO), you can donate using PayPal, via my Contact page.


Related Quotations

Corporate media/Deep state control“Expand the network of IfS associates and partner organisations to include e.g. DarthPutin, GlasnostGone, StopFake, European Values, Saper Vedere, and coordinate their efforts to mirror and amplify what IfS is already doing where possible.”Victor Madeira16 March 2018
Institute for Statecraft/Control“Comment [VM2]: Most of these aren’t even Cluster countries – can II justify spending ££ on strengthening media there? Don’t get me wrong: any help we can provide these and other colleagues is a win in my books but I’m trying to anticipate how the Sponsor may see the relevance of speakers from some of these countries.”Victor Madeira16 March 2018
Institute for Statecraft/Purposes“The Italian reactions to Skripal case highlight and confirm a pattern already present in a previous report: pro-Russian sentiments in Italy are mainly inflated not by trolls or fake news but thanks to a large network encompassing politicians, journalists, media, websites etc. already aligned with Russian narrative... To counter this Italian trend it's important to properly address the key political leaders, their new populist parties, and key editorialists, by an effective, discrete and articulated information campaign and narrative and not to be exclusively focused on trolls and fake news.”Integrity Initiative16 March 2018
Many thanks to our Patrons who cover ~2/3 of our hosting bill. Please join them if you can.