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Alma materUniversity of Milan, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Utrecht, Paris-Sorbonne
Interests • “humanitarian intervention”
• human rights
academic who work on creating legal fig-leafs for "humanitarian interventions"

Federica D'Alessandra is an academic working at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she is a proponent of a concept for war justification called Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO)[1], a carte blanche for Western powers to intervene where they want without UN-approval, with the pretext to stop atrocities. Her research interests include international law, US and Italian foreign policy, transatlantic relations, European defense, international organizations, global governance, leadership, and public policy. She regularly consults with defence, intelligence, and foreign policy agencies[2]


Federica D'Alessandra has been recognised by Forbes magazine one of “30 Under 30” leaders with “the likelihood of changing the field of law and policy over the next half-century”, and among the “Most Influential European Thinkers” (Forbes Italy).

Humanitarian Intervention

Federica’s work is part of a broader effort to "bridge gaps in accountability for international crimes", in effect meaning a selective judicial campaign against non-Western leaders. She wants to "enhance the cooperation of "fact-finding mechanisms and international tribunals", presumably like the "fact-finding" by the OPCW in the staged/false flag chemical attacks in Syria. She works with a consortium of undefined "partners" set to "produce a Human Rights Documentation Toolkit for use by civil societies" (where "civil society" as often as not are front organizations or heavily infiltrated by Western intelligence services - see White Helmets).

As an example of this legal onesidedness, despite being a proponent of international law, where "her research focuses on violations of the international laws regulating the use of force, during and leading to an armed conflict"[3], she want to work with "the Syrian moderates" in the illegal US war in Syria.

She is also Executive Director of the Oxford Programme on International Peace and Security at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University.

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