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A coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Colour Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png interview transcript  by Evgeny Fedorov dated 2014/05/31
Subjects: Russia, Colour revolutions, Globalisation
Source: You Tube (Link)

Translated from Russian by New Insight
Major segments:
0:19:51 Washington’s mechanisms of control via the fifth column in Ukraine (coup launched) and Russia (coup in preparation).
0:47:03 Novorossia could mobilize an army big enough to liberate all Ukraine.
0:55:34 The armed coup was launched even though Yanokovych was capitulating, in order to establish conditions for terror and massacres.
1:03:46 Novorossia has eliminated the fifth column. This will be emulated in neighboring territories.
1:08:57 The foreign ‘mercenaries’ are likely equipment operators.
1:25:31 Fifth column agitators will try to get Putin overthrown for his “inaction” over Ukraine.
1:39:19 The global crusade of the Anglo-Saxons: banditry & exploitation, obscured by style, finesse and copious marketing.
1:45:18 Parallels between the German and Usaian invasions of USSR/Russia (then and now).

Note: The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: Article 43 defines Ukraine as a “Developing country”.

Wikispooks Comment

The thrust of this interview is that a coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Colour Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement. The coup facilitator is the Fifth Column, which dominates the mass-media and public servants all the way up to government ministers, a point barely known within Russia, never mind outside. However, the people’s insurrection in Ukraine could wake up enough people in Russia to restore national sovereignty. In the next few years it will come to a head, with only two possible outcomes: the destruction of Russian civilization or the collapse of the Usaian empire.

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Full Transcript

Evgeny Fedorov interviewed by Ponavarelnow TV

Q: Evgeny Alexeevitch, since we met two weeks ago or so, a whole lot has happened. A referendum was announced and held in Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. But to be honest I don’t really see the point of it. The usual Usaians and Germans, claiming to speak for the international community, will declare it illegal. At the same time there are constant armed clashes. It really is a war. It’s hard to make sense of the situation: a war, a referendum, and everything else that’s going on.

A: It’s the same as it ever was. Let’s get back to the basics for a moment. Not for a single second has humanity ever lived without battles between rivals. It’s clear that there has been a battle between states for their spheres of influence, partly for markets in the economic domain, but essentially a battle for power. In other words, which state will rule in the neighborhood or in this case, rule over the earth. Such battles have always been going on. However, there used to be several more or less equal empires battling against each other. 100 or so years ago there were seven empires: the British, French, German, Russian and so on. Now there is one, Usaia. They gained this status by winning wars and placing their forces on the defeated territories. Remember that Europe is called an ally of Usaia. But what kind of ally is that? Generally, Usaian forces have been placed in Europe as the occupying power. The label was changed at some point, but the essence has remained the same. We’re talking about a standard global order, indeed there has never been any other, in which there is a constant battle for the lead. Not only to lead, but also to feel one’s own importance. The current victor in this battle is Usaia. It is therefore completely logical that in the course of this battle, they will finish off anyone who could present any kind of contest, anyone who could break out from under their control, as Russia is trying to do. Of course, they are exercising their right as the victor to live at the expense of the defeated, as was always the case throughout human history. All this talk of democracy and double standards is propaganda nonsense. The Usaians have no double standards. Their standard is the über-nation, Usaia, versus the other nations, the vassals and slaves. The vassal nations they call civilized peoples, while the slave nations they call “developing nations,” which is what it actually says in their document on Ukraine. They used to just call them the natives. Such has always been the world order. Everything else, you need to realize, is just the usual hot air.

What’s really happening in the territory of Ukraine is an armed foreign invasion, before which, evidently, Ukraine wasn’t sovereign anyway. But now it has become an armed foreign invasion. The purpose of the invasion is to cleanse Ukraine, and Russia, of the competing nations who live here, which means their states and peoples. This is what has always happened before. It’s an absolutely standard situation. Also in Ukraine, if we’re talking about Donetsk and Lugansk, there is an insurrection by the people, something which has happened probably a thousand times before. In terms of the last 100 years in Ukraine this is the third insurrection by the people against foreign invaders. Same as it ever was. Some of our viewers think that the world had always been a certain way, and in only the last two weeks it has changed. Nothing has changed. It’s all the same. What is happening now has happened before. Of course, people are brainwashed by propaganda. Propaganda has always been effective. It serves the interests of the empire. However, the Usaians do change the terminology as necessary, to support their goals of controlling the process, being the rulers and feeling their own importance. Same as a soldier uses camouflage: white in winter, foliaged in summer, sandy in the desert. Same thing here: democracy, anti-terror operations, fighting separatists. This is just playing around with words to conceal the essence: control by Usaia, defense of their colonial world, defense of the dollar as a part of that world, and the suppression of resisters. So what has become the war in Ukraine is actually a war against Russia via Ukraine. At the same time we see in Ukraine the standard processes of insurrection against an invader, whose job is to eliminate the people who live there. The Usaians are not even hiding the fact. It’s a typical scenario which is unfolding.

What’s more important for us is how we evaluate these events, how we act, what Russia should do in the context of this battle between rivals. This applies to not only Russia, but also Ukraine and residents of other nations, as everyone stands before this same challenge. Since we’re calling this war an invasion of Ukraine by foreign soldiers. Look, you said there are mercenaries there. Why do you call them mercenaries? They are ordinary armed forces of the invader state. Imagine Hitler had come out and said: “Right guys, now that you have invaded Ukraine, you are no longer Army Group Center, you are Army Group Mercenaries.” What would that have changed? He used such slang too. The propaganda machine currently needs to call these soldiers something different. Specially for us and the viewers they decided to call them ‘mercenaries’. But they didn’t cease to be Usaian invading soldiers for that. Moreover, specialists of counter-insurgency. In fact, they don’t need to put their own army there: plenty of locals have been recruited in 20 years of propaganda. They only need specialists of management and counter-insurgency. A resident of Ukraine isn’t going to slaughter another resident of Ukraine just like that. This is something which requires training, a very specific way of life. It requires training: killing ten or so people, in order to become a professional. As was demonstrated in the Unions’ House in Odessa. Each of those killers got through 20-30 people an hour. How could a normal person, without 10 years of specialist training, undertake such massive slaughter? Of course they can’t. This is like a Schwarzenegger movie. Only trained people can do this. They had already been trained by Usaians in Libya, Syria, where they slaughtered masses of people. Now they’ve come over here to slaughter, having received the relevant training. They were concealed within a whole system of matrioshkas, then sent into that building to perform their skills. Having performed their skills, they received their bonus payment from Usaia, then went off to Kiev or Syria or somewhere else to continue their work. All of this is standard practice. There is nothing out of the ordinary. And it will continue. How do we know that it will continue? Because it has always been going on. It’s clear that the current strategic objectives of the Usaians is the elimination of Russia. Eliminating Ukraine is a step toward that. Accordingly, they will continue the slaughter in Ukraine and everywhere else. Notice, they are understating the numbers. In the Unions’ House they said it was 48.

Q: Killed?

A: Yes, killed. But there is information from other sources, which they don’t talk about, saying 300. Other sources are no less reliable than those who say 48. So, either it was 48 or it was 300. Considering that the Usaians from the beginning have been constantly understating the numbers, in Slaviansk, in Donetsk, and everywhere else, I think most likely 300 is closer to the truth. Plus those who were abducted, or covertly strangled, not in the Unions’ House. Information has come out that people are being abducted at night, taken away somewhere and killed. It began in Kiev, when several people were burned alive by Molotov cocktails in a basement. This is a system in operation. The way to respond to such a system is the same as it has always been, historically. If you want to survive as a nation, in this case as the Ukrainian people, or as individuals constituting this people, then you can respond. Don’t expose yourself to the counter-insurgency process. Either go underground, if you don’t have the capability to take up arms, or else go into the epicenter of resistance, Donetsk, Lugansk, against the external armed invasion which has taken place. They have armed units of people from Odessa. Remember that Warsaw was liberated by Polish soldiers who had been fighting as part of the Red Army. All of these historical solutions have been done before. What’s forming in Donetsk and Lugansk is the standard mechanism of resistance against armed foreign invaders. And the mechanism is spreading. The number of people there is growing. Referendums took place, which decided in favor of the state’s independence in these territories. The people have absolutely adopted the right line, in order to defend themselves against foreign invaders, as did their grandfathers and great-grandfathers before them. You just need to call things by their right name.

Normally I talk about the situation in Russia, because most of the viewers are citizens of Russia. Why do we say that the fifth column in Russia is powerful? Because information is constantly being distorted. Well, some channels have begun reporting the truth about the terror in Ukraine. But they don’t tell the full truth: that this terror didn’t simply appear out of nowhere. Watching the channels here you’ll see some fascists who were lying in wait in some basements, then came out of their basements and started slaughtering people. But they were brought out by the invaders, as was the case the previous time. The channels here don’t report that. Why do we talk about the fifth column within the media, although they have begun telling part of the truth? Because it’s only part of the truth. There is more to it. And they never tell the truth just like that, but only with the agreement of the Usaians. Because the truth is partially reported not for the purpose of solving the problem, but to enrage people, to create civil opposition, to stir up trouble in Russia. What they don’t say is that it was a foreign invasion. You understand the difference? They say ‘mercenaries’. They don’t say that the Usaian military killed twenty people in Slaviansk. No, that’s not what they say. They say ‘mercenaries’. Although it’s a good start to say at least that. These foreign military personnel, organizers of counter-insurgency operations, they organized the slaughter in Ukraine, here, here and here. And they will continue the slaughter. Many, many thousands of people will die in this slaughter. This slaughter will only increase. You know why? Because when people don’t have the truth, they can’t solve the issue. If the issue is some fascists who popped out of the basements like mushrooms, then the solution is to periodically stuff them back into their basements. But if it’s a foreign invasion, then the solution is a completely different approach. These people in Donetsk, Lugansk, are not just fighting the fascists. They are also fighters of the Patriotic War, fighting against foreign invaders, as did their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. That’s a different status.

The military personnel who are participating in or assisting the counter-insurgency operations are service personnel of the armed junta. Which means they are the military personnel of the putschists: illegal armed groups, from the point of view of international law. It all depends on TV, which is simply distorting information, not telling the full truth. Next, these soldiers will face a choice: Either join forces with the foreign occupier, the Usaian military, to eliminate their own fathers and mothers, the people of their own nation, or else go over to the resistance against the foreign invaders, which means joining the partisan forces of Donetsk, Lugansk, to engage in the battle for the liberation of their country. It all depends on the truth, including TV. If you tell the truth, then you get the answers. It’s a completely different scenario. Out of 100 service persons, I am sure that 95, irrespective of money, would rush to join those who have risen up. That is, if they are given a realistic historical break-down of the situation. That depends, among other things, on the mass-media in Russia. So this is the issue. Furthermore, if this is a foreign invasion, then what needs to be done in Russia? If the TV channels here say that fascism has flared up in Ukraine, then it’s not really Russia’s business. But if it’s a foreign invasion, moreover directed against Russia, then what? It means some decisions have to be made in Russia: Either preparation for war against the foreign invader, who is certain to attack on the territory of Russia. Or else support the centers of resistance against the foreign invasion on the territory of Ukraine. Either option necessitates resolution of the main issue: The powerful fifth column and external administration. A colony cannot assist another colony. Only free states can assist that colony. So the issue about the fifth column will be key. As soon as Channel 1 and VGTRK start talking about the foreign …

And all the facts are there: mercenaries sent in, administration from Washington, counter-insurgency operations. It’s all there, all the elements of the invader. So tell the truth, it’s an invasion. But if they say that, then they’ll have rectify their own management according to some or other law, even if not military law. Because their managers are the fifth column. Channel 1, NTV and all the others. Most of the government will have to be cleaned out too. That’s only the first stage. After that the whole system needs to be changed. Once you start saying the word ‘invaders’, then you have to start looking at the institutions of administration here. That will start the historical processes. Because this fifth column is currently preparing Russia for the very same invasion as it did in Ukraine. And the result of this invasion will similarly be massive losses and slaughter on the streets of Moscow. That’s what it’s about. So the words they use are all carefully chosen. It’s a standard component to accompany an armed foreign invasion on the basis of a powerful fifth column of the modern type.

Q: What was the point of organizing that massacre in Odessa, if it damages the presidential election?

A: They couldn’t care less about the presidential election.

Q: They’re holding an election to say, “look, we elected a president,” Yatsenyuk or whosoever.

A: That’s nonsense. The Usaians are not worried about the election. They said the election will take place. Even if that means only in two districts of Kiev, they’ll still say: “This was a democratic election.” It’s not double standards. It’s just the way they appoint the colonial administration. Who is going to tell them the election was illegitimate? Russia? They couldn’t care less what Russia says. Germany? They will keep their head down and their mouth shut. They’re not going anywhere. Berlin is surrounded by armed Usaian forces. So it’s is all fake, skulduggery.

Q: So what was the massacre for? To intimidate people?

A: Of course, same as any massacre. Like Hitler used to do. As did the Romanians in the very same Odessa. Same story, as it always has been. Considering all the previous massacres, why do you think the purpose of this identical massacre would be any different?

Q: The thing is, such a mass murder will open many people’s eyes.

A: So what?

Q: But people won’t see it. No-one in Ukraine knows that so many people were killed.

A: Firstly, there is a powerful propaganda machine there, which won’t report it. Likewise in Usaia and Euia, Germany, for example, no-one is reporting about it. Secondly, they don’t fear that anyone will say something. What’s important is that they used it to put down the popular resistance in the occupied territory, which is trying to rebel. They put it down by intimidating the people. Like all the others did before. It’s an element of the machinery of the armed occupier. The armed coup gave them the authority to do this. Here’s the key: to any specialist it became apparent that as soon as the Usaians gave Yatsenyuk and Turchynov the order to seize power by armed means, there would be massacres in Odessa and everywhere else. Not by peaceful means, as Yanukovych had offered, but by armed means. They even signed a document for the transfer of power, yet still seized it by force. Why? To signal the use of armed methods in the occupied territory, i.e. massacres. Any specialist could see that as soon as this decision was made, that Yatsenyuk & Co were seizing power by force, it was going to claim the lives of thousands of people. And we’re only at the beginning of this process. And how many people are being killed covertly in Kiev, Lvov? Journalists have no access to this part of the machinery. People there are just being butchered on the quiet. What happened to those tens of thousands who got arrested? They just disappeared. Half of them we have no information about at all. I reckon some of them weren’t even taken anywhere. By means of the state machinery which is in their hands, all of the crematoria, they are just eliminating people. As has always happened in the past. You think Pinochet didn’t do that in Chile? He did. What’s happening is all a standard historical process once again. However the mass media here are lying with regard to this process.

Q: Well, there’s a question. Why are they telling at least part of the truth?

A: I’ll tell you why. Usaia has given them the command to report part of the truth, to create a powerful system of instability on the territory of the FSU. That is, creating a powerful force of negativity. And do you think this disturbs Tyaghnibok, Yatsenyuk? No. They couldn’t care less. Just as the Usaians hired them, they can replace them. What they need is to have the whole occupied territory of the FSU plunged into a system of armed self-destruction. For which they chose the moment to attack. It wasn’t Russia or Yanukovych who chose the moment. It was Usaia. For 20 years they were preparing this moment. They put huge sums of money in it, as they said themselves. They chose the moment and issued the order to attack. Why did they issue the order? Because they realize that the opponent, i.e. us, is at its weakest. Because of our weak position, they decided by launching this attack to complete the process of destruction which they started in 1991.

Q: Why are we weak now?

A: In their view. It means their fifth column is stronger than ever. They see the greatest weakness in the current situation. In their view Russia is now unable to withstand the armed phase of the invasion. Look, you don’t have access to all the information that the US Sec State has. You don’t know who in Russia is working for them.

Q: I don’t know, but I can guess. Many people here in the State Duma are working for them. And over there in the Kremlin too.

A: You’re guessing, but they know, because they get detailed reports from their embassy. And from their grant recipients. There are 20,000 of them in Moscow. The detailed reports say: “This general will do such and such.” “That minister will do this.” “This business executive will do that.” They have established contact with these people. They’ve already been intimidated by the Magnitsky Act or by the sanctions, or they have connections by mechanism of family, children, business interests abroad and all the rest of it. These mechanisms are being rolled out across the whole system of decision-making in Russia. The current means of invasion have been in place for some time. But now it is becoming more extensive. It’s not based on nuclear weapons or invasion by mechanized armies, as happened in WW1 and WW2. It’s based on working with the fifth column. Which it was then too. But now the fifth column is being supplemented by mechanized armies. First they prepare the fifth column, then the army. The current phase is based on working with the fifth column. They know what will be the reactions of those in the fifth column. For example, the reaction in Ukraine to a foreign invasion, where the civil servants, at least the most important of them in this context, supported the armed foreign occupation. Who was that? Primarily it was the officials in uniform: the Ministry of Defence and the border guards. We already discussed this. Some people have made comments: “What do you mean an armed putsch and invasion? There is no army involved.” There is an army. When the border guards are telling the president that they will remove him if he doesn’t immediately surrender to the foreign invading forces (Armed mercenaries are on the ground, that’s a foreign army) then they are obviously party to the conspiracy, the putsch. The border guards are an army division. When the Ministry of Defence declares neutrality during a foreign invasion (I’m talking about earlier, when Yanukovych was in the cabinet) same story. This is all elements of an armed coup d´état, organized by foreign invaders via the fifth column.

Q: So you’re saying the fact that the Ministry of Defence on two occasions declared that “It has nothing to do with us. It’s for you to resolve in Kiev. We will not get involved,” that is the workings of the fifth column. And the fact that the courts dragged their heels, then released the Maidanites, instigators and pogrom-makers, is all part of the same?

A: Yes. The whole system was prepared and organized in advance. ut I repeat, the situation in Russia is the same. When the Usaians began their invasion of Ukraine, they primarily assessed the situation in Russia. In Ukraine they were probably ready the last time, with Yuschenko, remember? Everything that they are doing now they could have done back then. But they reckoned they weren’t ready for Russia at that time, that the fifth column in Russia was too weak and wouldn’t play by their rules. Now they have evidently decided that the fifth column in Russia is considerably stronger than it was then. In effect, they removed Putin by not allowing him a third term. Technologically, they pulled that off.

Q: OK, but many people consider that, on the contrary, Russia is stronger now, viewed from an external perspective; that the army has been strengthened.

A: What I’m talking about is the assessment of the situation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Dept, the CIA and other agencies, from the point of view of the battle against rivals, which they are conducting across the whole world, including in Russia and the post-USSR territory. That’s their assessment. I agree that the army has been strengthened, and that many processes have been improved. But from their point of view, those improvements still don’t compensate for the systemic degradation which they have achieved in the 4-5 years since they removed Putin. That’s their perspective, based on the feedback they receive. They’ve spent all this money on Ukraine, $5b they said, and in Russia, of course, multiple-fold more, for which they have obtained feedback channels. That’s how they can assess the situation. And considering that this is their 20th invasion by the same methods in recent years, it’s clear they’ve gotten the hang of it and the system is working. The same people are doing this for the 20th time. So of course they understand the technology and the reactions from the jurisdiction in question. Moreover, these 20 times have mostly ended in victory. When it didn’t, such as in Syria, it was due to the involvement of third forces. Russia didn’t allow them to simply destroy Syria. So now they are addressing the main issue, which is Russia. If they can’t resolve the issue of Russia, as we discussed earlier, then they’ll fail to preserve the Usaian empire. To resolve the issue of Russia, they have to resolve some tactical matters for the moment, namely Ukraine, which they have begun an armed attack on. Ukraine really is a matter of national security for Usaia, as their authorities indeed have stated publicly. So whether they kill a hundred people in a counter-insurgency operation in Slaviansk, or a thousand, or in Odessa or anywhere else, it’s a matter of national security for Usaia, which they have even stated publicly.

Q: Who said that?

A: Jackass Kerry announced that this whole crisis puts at stake the national security of Usaia and the entire model of global leadership.

Q: That was honest of him.

A: Yes, he spoke honestly and openly. And that was said maybe a month or so ago. Even Nuland stated explicitly that the events in Ukraine are a matter of national security for Usaia. That means the result of their counter-insurgency operation: will they succeed in intimidating Russia and Ukraine, or not? That’s why they’re doing this now. Just as it has been done before. And let me say: Yes, they have managed to intimidate. 1½ million people in Odessa have gone quiet. They’ve been intimidated. A different matter is how things will turn out after 2-3 months, what the situation will be then. For the moment they have achieved their goal: the counter-insurgency operations. Otherwise they wouldn’t have conducted them. And no-one else would have either. Hitler wouldn’t otherwise have conducted his counter-insurgency operations either. Why did Hitler hang people on the streets of the very same Ukrainian cities? For what? He wasn’t an idiot, when he was doing that. He was intimidating the people of the occupied territory. Just as the Usaians are now intimidating the very same people in the occupied territories, in order that those people will quietly leave this land and not get in the way of the Usaians’ building their new world order. Same as it ever was. But the main thing for us today is what lesson to take from the events in Ukraine. This is what I am always talking about. If we characterize these events as an invasion, then, logically, the primary lesson to take away is to purge the fifth column in Moscow. That’s the main issue. Putin can’t address this issue just like that, it’s not a simple issue. What is the fifth column in Moscow? Above all, it’s the mass media. So that means physically replacing the management of the major media organizations in the Russian Federation.

Q: That’s impossible to do.

A: How so? You want to live, no?

Q: I mean Putin. He can’t make such a political decision.

A: Of course not. He doesn’t have that authority. Russia has to do this. It’s the only way. After that is the question of by what mechanisms. Our starting point is a political mechanism to solve the problem: a referendum. As was done in Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk. It was the people who came up with the idea for a referendum. No-one forced it upon them. The people realized that if they want to live, then they have to conduct a referendum. Only Russia hasn’t understood this yet. But the technology exists in people’s heads. You think people in Lugansk are smarter than those in Ryazan?

Q: No. The same.

A: The same. But these people, excuse the expression, have finally got it. While those in Ryazan haven’t. So what’s the problem?

Q: The massacres haven’t reached Ryazan yet.

A: Look, then it’s a question of who’s first. If they hold a referendum, then there will be no massacre in Ryazan. If they don’t hold a referendum, then there will be a massacre in Ryazan. Maybe it would be an idea for people in Ryazan to consider what’s happening in Lugansk and Donetsk? And make their own decision, whether they want to live or be slaughtered? Maybe it’s better to hold the referendum before the massacre, not after?

Q: That’s not an option. That’s in the class of fantasy.

A: Now Maria understands. She used to have doubts.

Q: No, I used to have hope.

A: What, hope that there wouldn’t be massacres?

Q: No. That people would come to their senses, before the massacres begin.

A: Look what’s happening. It’s getting ever closer: Libya, then Syria, which is closer, now via the Black Sea and into Ukraine already.

Q: People still don’t get it. Only when they see people on the street with arms, with knives, killing everyone, only then will they get it.

A: That’s a bit too late. Moreover, behind Ukraine is Russia, but behind Russia is no-one. This is a factor in the case of Ukraine. They have somewhere to flee to, if the worst comes to the worst. That doesn’t apply in Russia. When the massacres start in Moscow, where will people go? There’s nowhere to run to. You can’t run to China. Of course, China will be opposed to the massacres, but you can’t flee to there. So here the logic is different, because there’s nowhere to retreat to. From Kiev retreat is still possible. From here, no. So being ahead of events, if anything, should be even more important here than in Ukraine.

Q: OK. But that’s not how people think, at least not here. Or basically anywhere else for that matter. In reality, people just live their own lives. For all we curse them, most people simply don’t care. They just live their ordinary lives: Work, family, children. Maybe drinking or parties. They just live their own lives.

A: Understood. But that is how people lived in 1941 too. Then they started living differently.

Q: Exactly. Only when people came and pointed a machine gun at them did they change the way they live.

A: Look, if machine guns are pointed at the people of Belgorod, for example, will that change anything in Moscow?

Q: They’ll say: “Look at those nasty people. Putin’s government has allowed them to take over Belgorod.”

A: That’s armed invaders. But they will be described as residents of Belgorod.

Q: It will be the same as in Ukraine, like you said. Some locals cause a fuss, and the media here will say that the locals are fed up with their government. They’ll say that the Mayor or the Governor appointed by Putin is a thief, and so on.

A: He failed to investigate something. The logic of mobilizing the nation due to a foreign invasion, as we are now observing in our Ukrainian territories (I say “our” meaning the common Russian lands, because this is an attack on the territory of the FSU, which was artificially partitioned by the occupier), you think that logic won’t work. I think it will work. If events continue for a certain period in Ukraine, that will awaken people in Russia.

Q: To some degree. Evgeny, I beg to differ. The longer the terror continues in Ukraine, the greater will grow the anger toward Putin.

A: Because Channel 1, VGTRK, NTV will spin it. Let me repeat: they spin part of the truth, but not all of it. The whole truth is that these people are foreign invaders.

Q: That’s what we’re talking about. We know that Ukraine will be a long story, as you explained. But it won’t make people realize that they have start defending themselves. The reaction will be the opposite: people will come out against Putin. Most of them, anyway. Next, as we know, people can’t believe that Russia is a colony, that there is a fifth column, etc. They think Putin could have prevented what is happening in Ukraine, the massacre in Odessa, the daily killings in Slaviansk.

A: Like he can fire a bolt of lightning from the clouds.

Q: That’s what people think, sadly. The longer this terror and slaughter continues, and the worse it becomes, the more will be the dissatisfaction with the policies of Putin.

A: That’s the purpose of the spin.

Q: Yes, in the mass media.

A: Remember, the media is partly reporting the truth. But they only report the truth with permission from the US. Because the truth, when reported partially, can favor the invader. I agree, the job of the media is to unfold this story. Or rather to steer it toward the overthrow of their own national Russian government, meaning Putin personally, and bring about in Russia a complete dictatorship and the slaughter of the population, as in Ukraine, i.e. to cleanse Russia. I agree with your analysis. That, I think, is why they report the truth. At the same time, I take my hat off to those journalists who are risking their lives to get the truth: in Lugansk, Donetsk, Odessa, etc. But their bosses here, Channel 1, VGTRK, NTV and others, they are working for the invaders. These are heroic journalists with the fifth column for bosses. It’s a neat system. Likewise, the heroes in Ukraine, well, they had different journalists too. But straight after the coup d´état, the whole system, with hundreds of thousands of people working in it, fell into the hands of the invaders. Now there are no others. Those who were, they got quickly expelled. The same will happen in Russia. Don’t you think they’ll replace the top people in Russia? You remember we examined the issue of personnel appointments in the media? For example, we said that Dmitry Kiselyev was a patriot. But we also said there was another candidate. Accordingly, a compromise candidate was selected. During an armed foreign invasion a compromise favors the enemy, although it may look nice. Initially it will look fair. But at a critical moment, as happened with the channel ITR in Ukraine, they switch sides. People need to understand that. I’m telling people this in advance, so they will understand how events will unfold. Why is this being shown on TV and not that? The job of the fifth column is to create hardship, lower the standard of living, and roll out the whole machinery against the citizens of Russia, to create slaughter in Russia.

Q: It’s progressing well.

A: According to the logic of the Usaians, we are to be eliminated. In their view, we have no chance of surviving. Hitler took the same view, when he entered the territory of the Soviet Union. Likewise Napoleon, and all the rest. In their assessment, they are winning. That’s their assessment, not ours. So they gave the signal to invade. They understand that if they lose this war against Russia, this invasion of Russia, Ukraine, etc, they will lose the Usaian empire. If Russia can repulse the Usaian, German and other forces who are invading with the help of the fifth column, then Russia will be forced to change, and to purge the fifth column, which is here in Moscow. The wave of consequences from their retreat will automatically return all the way back to Washington. Because China will change its policies, even Japan will change its policies. Especially as there are Usaian occupying armed forces stationed in Japan, the dynamics will change very quickly. Even though in their schools, they say that the Soviet Union nuked Japan. People can learn the truth in one week, if they have the opportunity, if they can break through the info blockade.

Q: Evgeny, returning to the technologies. Any mercenaries who are shooting people on the streets of Moscow, they’ll be dressed like Russian citizens. They won’t be wearing fascist helmets, so to speak, or NATO uniforms. So people will misidentify them. So we’re back to the issue of the media again, i.e. how these events will be presented in the media.

A: Mass media, Maria, that is the typical fifth column.

Q: Exactly. So the question is how to change that? We know that firstly the fifth column has to be removed from the media. But how?

A: You can’t remove the fifth column from the media without removing the fifth column from the government.

Q: But in order to remove the fifth column from the government, you have to remove the fifth column from the media. It’s a catch-22.

A: These things go together.

Q: So how to do that?

A: Two options. The constitutional option: a referendum. The unconstitutional option: an armed purge. That’s it: two options.

Q: The constitutional option, that’s unlikely to happen.

A: An armed purge will only happen once conditions for it have been established. The Usaians reckon that won’t happen, that there won’t be the kind of dynamic of events that would lead to an armed purge. Let me make this clear: from their perspective, they have won already. In their view of the world, everything is already in place for that. If the logic of the Russian population, the Russian citizens, doesn’t change, i.e. their perception of events, which could change just like that, then they will indeed have won.

Q: Evgeny, when Hitler was attacking, there wasn’t this total informational deception.

A: There was, although not in the USSR. Because the USSR had sovereignty, which, incidentally, came about on the back of earlier events. It didn’t come about by itself. After the 1917 defeat, there was no sovereignty. It arose later, as a result of processes within the country.

Q: Still, these are different situations ahead of the attack. Sadly, the situation in Russia now seems much worse.

A: Yes. The situation is really bad. But let me say again: There needs to be a turning point in people’s consciousness.

Q: For that to happen, people have to be told the truth.

A: People need to seek the truth.

Q: Come on, Evgeny. No-one is going to seek the truth.

A: OK. Then there’s another option. Stockpile a quantity of pasta, it keeps a long time, and tinned stew, which keeps for up to 25 years. Sneak off to a distant rural cottage. Along the way: change the name on your papers, ideally to something non-Russian. That’s the technology. You choose.

Q: Even that not everyone will do.

A: You choose. However, you are making a static assessment of the situation. I’m looking at changes in people’s consciousness in the course of military action. In Ukraine the events are only beginning, sadly.

Q: They’ve been underway for half a year, longer even.

A: Yes, but such are the processes. How long did the Great Patriotic War go on for? How long was WW2? How long was WW2 going on before the Great Patriotic War began?

Q: Officially from 1939. Actually earlier, Japan started things.

A: Of course, it was much earlier. In principle, the processes have always taken this length of time. Unfortunately, we are only at the beginning of events. And, sadly, these events will be bloody. The bloody trend, so to speak, is taking shape in Ukraine. Whether this will come to be known as WW3, I don’t know. But considering its magnitude, it will. The fall of the Usaian empire… Such resounding terms are used according to the outcome. Not during the process, but based on the outcome. When WW2 began, no-one was thinking, it’s WW2. Later it was characterized as such, moreover the Great Patriotic War. That assessment is in the future. But I think in the future this will be judged to be WW3. Because the Usaian empire will have collapsed, that’s our version of events. If it doesn’t collapse, then the Russian one will, and the Russian Federation will be gone. The population will be wiped out. The number of people living in Russia will be… According to the figures stated by the US chiefs 15 years ago, and no-one has canceled those plans, around 30-40 million people will live here. The rest will be massacred, cleared out, chased out, relocated, sent to Africa, and so on.

Q: Evgeny, about the impending bloody events in Ukraine: A few weeks ago the IMF allocated a certain amount of money for Kiev.

A: To pay their mercenaries.

Q: But they stipulated a condition that Kiev must maintain control of the south-east. That was one of the main conditions. Now those conditions have to be fulfilled.

A: Look, this money is allocated specifically to pay the invading Usaian army, to be exact, the mercenaries, as they call them. This money will not reach the residents of Ukraine. They are paying their own people, using this system as a conduit.

Q: Now that they are demanding fulfillment of these conditions, what will we see happening?

A: Who’s demanding? These are the subordinates. They’ve been given an order and they’ll carry it out. You don’t carry it out, we’ll shoot you. The ICC is a nice place for you. Probably that’s how it will end.

Q: We’re talking in the official terms, as used in the media.

A: Invaders, yep.

Q: Should we expect from Kiev massive armed attacks on Novorossia, on the Lugansk and Donetsk republics? Or will they strike the regions which have not yet held referendums? Where will be the utter terror: in Novorossia or in the regions which have not yet separated?

A: Let’s examine the situation in Lugansk and Donetsk. You know where we’ll start? A lot of people are asking, “Where are the Russian forces?” A colleague of mine has a neighbor from Ukraine, working in Moscow on some construction site. He happens to be from Slavyansk. He says angrily: “When are the Russian troops going to be there?” Our colleague asked, “Why?” He said: “My children are there,” in Slaviansk, “my wife and parents.” So he asked: “What are you doing here then, on a construction site?” Earning money. “You want guys from Ryazan to go and die there, while you’re earning money here?” He was offended by that question.

Q: He has to pay his bills somehow.

A: I know. He was offended. Now they’re not talking.

Q: Why such a reaction? We’ve had similar conversations with many people. They don’t want to fight a war for their lives, for their families. They want someone else to do it for them.

A: Because for 20 years they’ve been making vegetables out of people.

Q: Toward the end of the USSR they were doing the same thing: making people into vegetables.

A: Of course. They were establishing the conditions for that. Usaians have a 300-year history of statehood. In Ukraine, in the Russian lands, it’s 1500 years. But in the opinion of the Usaians, this is stated in their document, people in Ukraine are “developing”. And what, they are like developed? This is ongoing propaganda to put people in their place. Meaning, sink them to the level of vegetable, to the level of the “natives,” above all beating out of them normal concepts like

“human,” “family” (hence the Juvenile Justice program here) and “nation.” This is the three pillars that they are knocking out of people, which, of course, lowers their desire to even defend themselves. You could say they are making suicidal subjects of people. That’s the logic of the propaganda in occupied territories and colonies: to convince the natives that they are natives and have no nation. Wherever they will pay you, that’s the Fatherland.

Q: It’s not just that they want someone else, i.e. citizens of Russia, to fight for them. Moreover they say: “We don’t want to join Russia,” or “We want to be independent. We just need you to liberate us.”

A: Look, this is not about Russia.

Q: Why do they take such a position?

A: It’s not even clear whether we’re talking about the “Rus” or the “Russian world” or the “Russian Federation.”

Q: I’m talking about the citizens of Russia.

A: Doesn’t matter. Everywhere is occupied. It’s just that in the Ukrainian Reichsgau they have switched to the armed mode of occupation. In Russia they haven’t yet. They will switch probably next year (2015), according to the Usaian plans. The processes which are unfolding in Donetsk and Lugansk are organic: the people have risen up, the invader has been kicked out, who, by the way, wasn’t the strongest: the Usaian mechanized divisions haven’t invaded Ukraine yet; they might invade later, if they see that things on the ground are not working out. A referendum has taken place and a state structure has been established. You were asking, why the referendum? Firstly, it demonstrates to the international community that it is incorrect to call 90% of the population “separatists.” This disrupts the template of the Usaian propaganda machine.

Q: “The referendum was falsified.”

A: That doesn’t matter. It is still effective. They say “falsified”. But the photographs remain, showing lines of people wanting to vote. Their names on the voting register remain too. This can all be verified.

Q: Who will? No-one is going to verify it.

A: That’s a different issue. But it’s still an argument in the infowar equation.

Q: A minor one.

A: Yes, but still. If and when the situation changes, it will become more significant. This a long-term, not short-term, argument. But the main thing is that they have a new mechanism of self-defense, namely statehood. That is, Lugansk and Donetsk have become states, possessing mechanisms of self-defense at state level. They are weak, because it’s the first day (May 13 2014), but they will grow. Now they can establish an army. What kind of army could Donetsk, Lugansk have? In general, according the laws of wartime, it could be 20% of the population, depending on the mobilization. Now that the referendum has taken place, Donetsk and Lugansk could assemble an army,

consisting of up to 600,000 people. That’s a very large army.

Q: Who sets the marker, 10%, 20%? The state does, itself. They can call up more if they want.

A: That’s approximately the contingent which could be called up. That’s what they teach in the military academies, about planning and assessment of the state’s potential. This concerns any state in the world, not only Ukraine.

Q: So that’s how many can be called up to the army?

A: Yes, roughly speaking. If could be with or without pressure, there are different approaches. During an all-out war you could mobilize up to 30% of the population. A typical average figure is 10%. In peace-time it’s 2%. These are typical army numbers. Remember, 10%, that’s 600,000 people. That’s a huge army, not only capable of defending Donetsk and Lugansk against invasion and counter-insurgency, but capable of liberating the whole of Ukraine. What’s happening now is a conceptual battle. The same in Russia, but there is a powerful fifth column with various mechanisms of suppression. I won’t go into the details, but it’s a conceptual battle.One concept is that this is a part of Ukraine, in some form or other. The second concept is that this is a process of liberation across the whole territory of the FSU. This has to do with the lies in the media, who don’t call it an invasion. These are ideologically related matters. Once it’s called an invasion, it means that in Lugansk, Slaviansk, etc, people are fighting for the liberation of the whole territory of the FSU. Whether they understand that or not doesn’t matter. Accordingly, this army that is being formed, of up to 600,000 people, is the Liberation Army of all Ukraine, or perhaps in some shape or form of the whole territory of the FSU. 600,000 people is a very big army.

Where is the battle? It’s a battle of thoughts. We, the People’s Liberation Movement (PLM) in Russia and Ukraine, promote the concept of ‘Rus’, which is applicable not only to Ukraine, but to the whole territory of the FSU, or at least the bulk of it, and certainly to Russia, because we have Belaya Rus, Muscovite Rus and all the rest. So there is a concept of ‘Rus’, a concept of ‘South-East’, and so on. This is the conceptual battle. Why this conceptual battle is important is that it captures the logic of the future unfolding events. And why are we participating in this battle? Why do we keep talking about ‘Rus’? Because we are viewing the events in the scope of a systematic foreign invasion, across the whole territory of the FSU. That’s the historical context. If you only look at the “South East” concept, then you’re stopping at some border (let’s say, the Dnieper). So you defeated the fascism and terrorism there, then stopped. But you didn’t defeat the invaders, because they weren’t identified as the enemy. Just defeated fascism and terrorism, then stopped. You stuffed the fascists back into their basements, or chased them across the Dnieper, and that’s all. Ideologically you could call it the second redoubt for defense of the US as the invaders on the territory of Ukraine. Because with Crimea Putin partially snatched the initiative from them. Only tactically, not strategically. Strategically they are still pushing hard. What do we mean by strategic initiative? It means that they are the ones making events. And the reaction is on our side, i.e. Putin’s, to those events. We are not making events, pushing a strategic advance. We are reacting to events.

Q: They strike first, and we are defending.

A: Right. But since they have massive resources, they can strike 20 times in a day. In various ways: sanctions, terrorism in Ukraine, military advances, diplomatic attacks. And we are always reacting to these events. In principle, that’s our tradition. Russia has always risen up on the basis of defensive-liberation processes. That’s important to understand. The game is brought to us, and we react, indeed, successfully. The processes which could arise in Ukraine, well, I won’t describe the negative dynamic. We already discussed, the negative dynamic leads to massacres in Moscow. The positive dynamic is this: Donetsk, Lugansk have established a state. Of course, there will be battles within that state. They have their domestic oligarchs: Rinat Akhmetov, and the like. So there will be an internal process too. But never mind that. They have established a state.

Q: The next stage is that the state establishes its armed forces, numbering up to 600,000 people. They haven’t done that yet.

A: Well, when they get attacked… Foresee the situation in half a year, don’t be fixated on the situation today. In the half-year ahead the Usaians will continue their counter-insurgency operations. Now it is a state that they are attacking. Before the referendum they were attacking towns and villages. Now they’re attacking a state. There will be a front line, a border between the states of Ukraine and Donetsk-Lugansk. Never mind the names.

Q: That was my question. They will be attacking a state?

A: They will say, “we’re only targeting the junta.”

Q: The “militants,” “separatists.”

A: They will say whatever. But in reality they will be attacking a state. “State” is not just a word. A state means specific territorial pillars: armed forces, ministries, central bank or state bank, and all the rest of it. That’s a state. De facto they will be attacking the state structure. De facto that’s actually what they’ve been doing since the day after the referendum, since when it has been a de facto state, which doesn’t yet have all the institutions of state, but they will come, incrementally. One option is that the Usaians will bomb the state to pieces. But the fact that they haven’t done this already means they are unable to, right? So if they can’t bomb the place, then they have no means to fight a war against this state. And such a decision wouldn’t be made by Turchynov or Yatsenyuk. The Usaians just decide to send people into battle, period. If necessary they can replace these generals with others from the local population. That’s what you can expect to see. So a front-line will appear. The state will acquire troops. And these troops will conduct a defensive war against what is already foreign invaders sent by Kiev to attack on the orders of Usaia. Nominally, I think, this will continue for half a year. The presidential election, with all its falsification, will change nothing. It’s clear there will not be any reaction to it.

Q: So it makes no difference whatsoever who becomes the supposed president?

A: Of course not. The Usaians can appoint this Poroshenko via an order from the US State Dept. Hitler did likewise: in the occupied territories he appointed his Bürgermeisters of the councils and local chiefs. He appointed them by issuing an order via the Commandant or Gauleiter. What we have here is in principle the same. They’ll falsify it, then tell Poroshenko, “OK, our guys will take care of things.” Moreover, during wartime, try not following orders: they’ll take you off to a ditch, douse you in gasoline and light you up. That seems to be the done thing with these people. Interesting method, this execution of theirs. They’re always setting fire to people who don’t follow orders.

Q: That’s more terrifying than being shot.

A: Historically, it’s characteristic. It’s no coincidence that historically the methods used were wheel torture and quartering. The psychology of people is unchanged. However, the coup d´état has opened the door to using these methods overtly. If there had been a peaceful transfer of power, as Yanukovych had signed up to, then it wouldn’t have been possible to use such methods. Same result, but without this method. You couldn’t utilize intimidation as a method by means of mass burning of people. Chasing them into the basement, into the shed, or into the Unions’ House, and then setting fire to them, that wouldn’t be possible. So what’s the difference, whether Yatsenyuk seized power from Yanukovych by armed means or by peaceful means? Well, if you took power by force, it means you’re intending to use terrorist methods to suppress resistance.

Q: So you can disregard the law.

A: And solve problems by armed means. Imagine if Yatsenyuk had seized power peacefully. Sure, he would still have the police and prosecutors working for him. But they wouldn’t be able to carry out such methods en masse. Covertly, yes. But en masse, shooting people, using the army, they couldn’t do that. That’s the difference. So that is the reason the Usaians gave the order to seize power by armed means. So by giving this command, they in fact declared their intention to clear the territory of Ukraine of Ukrainians, Russians and everyone else who lives there, as did previously all the other European “integrators,” “occupiers,” or whatever they’re called in today’s terminology. By the way, let me remind the viewers: In accordance with the official agreement, which the putschists signed immediately, Ukraine is now governed by the Association Council and the Association Committee, who are now the bosses of the Ukrainian president. So this agreement, previously drawn up and signed, is applicable to Poroshenko, once elected, right from the start, as he was elected on this basis, and it has precedence on the territory of Ukraine. The president, whoever is elected, has to comply with this agreement. The president of Ukraine will just be a lackey of Mr Van Rompuy.

Q: President of the EU Council.

A: Never mind that he’s President of the EU Council. He’s now head of the Association Council and the Association Committee on Ukraine. In Hitler’s day this was called Gauleiter. Now the invaders have decided to call it Association Council and Association Committee. So now this Gauleiter isn’t called Gauleiter, he’s called head of the Council. That’s the difference. Under himself he now commands: the President of Ukraine, whoever that may be, so Poroshenko won’t be going anywhere; the Supreme Rada; the whole system of government; the whole system of state authorities in the territory of Ukraine. So the Usaians have now officialized the vertical hierarchy of authority below them. In this case via their German allies, who are a vassal, ergo below themselves. It’s all quite simple.

Q: Van Rompuy, that’s Netherlands.

A: Doesn’t matter.

Q: Three countries always rotate: Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland. It’s always people from these countries.

A: Artëm, there’s no rotation of countries. The state of one country rotates everything, in different contexts: Usaia. It’s true that the English give a lot of advice in this system of administration.

Q: Well, it’s all the same elite who controls them.

A: Anyway, you’re right that the Russian nuclear fuels complex will come under… This is an interesting system. It’s a 100% Russian corporation. But it owns two European companies, one of which owns the other. And the Russian nuclear fuels complex belongs to them. There are many such things.

Q: Companies of which country?

A: Holland, or Netherlands.

Q: Netherlands, Holland is a region. Well, that’s what I’m saying. Always the same folks: Netherlands, Switzerland, England.

A: Yes. They control the Russian complex of arms materials.

Q: Not only that.

A: For example. There you are. The management is in place. No matter which president gets appointed, or “elected” as they so cutely called it, under force of arms, it doesn’t matter. Because a priori, there is a chief in place, controlling that president. And it’s a foreign citizen whom if necessary the Usaians or Germans will replace with someone else, if he doesn’t make a good job of his terrorist duties. The money allocated to them is for suppressing the uprising of the people against the foreign invaders. I’ll say it again: this money will not reach the Ukrainian people.

Q: Alright. Their new so-called Minister of Economics came out recently and said that everything has to be cut back, social welfare is to be cut, industry is on a downturn, we can’t give it any money. He said it all.

A: This is called increasing the tribute. Ukraine now has the task of financially supporting Euia, Usai, Germany, by increasing its tributary payments. What do you expect from a “developing country,” as they are called in Article 43 (EU-Ukraine Association Agreement).

Q: So Ukraine will grind to a halt.

A: Excellent.

Q: Then it’s not just a tributary.

A: Artëm, I’ll say it again. They need Ukraine for two reasons. Firstly, tributary payments, including by the people. The place grinding to a halt will simply increase the number of Ukrainians on the slave market, to put it bluntly. For some reason it’s called the “labor market” in modern terminology. Yes, that will increase. But the main thing is to strike Russia. Liberation of the people there will allow them to be recruited into the invading army for the war against Russia. It’s the right logic.

Q: Evgeny, in half a year they will have established an army.

A: No. Approximately half a year is needed to develop the full state potential of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Q: But they’ll have to do that while exposed to attacks. Paratroopers could be dropped into the middle of Donetsk. Against a no-fly zone?

A: What paratroopers? That’s not going to happen, because having formed a state structure, all the decisions will be made by people with rifles, not by propagandists with megaphones, but by people with rifles.

Q: Hang on, the Usaian army is the most powerful in the world. They insert a couple of planes with paratroopers and that’s it.

A: No. The Usaian army is an army of managers. It’s the only army that needs protection against… Wherever they insert Usaian soldiers, they always need to have a protection unit around them, consisting of local forces. This is not an army. It’s an over-army. But yes, they could have Romanian units or something. So in theory, yes. But it’s not going to happen. In Russia there is a particular complication: the fifth column is strong. What has happened in Donetsk, Lugansk because of the military situation is a natural clean-out of the fifth column. By military means the fifth column has been purged. It’s no coincidence that Akhmetov and others are trying to re-penetrate. They figured it out and Akhmetov hurriedly announced: “I need armed forces from my steel company.” For what? To create an alternative to this army of Lugansk, Donetsk. And with a military foothold, penetrate the system of administration. Because following the revolutionary process, the people’s uprising, the invaders have been ejected. Now the fifth column in Russia has the task in inserting various chiefs into there. But that’s another story.

Q: As always: take control and lead astray.

A: That’s a separate discussion. But what’s the essence here? The fifth column has been purged. Currently, Lugansk and Donetsk have a system of crystal-clear authority, with no fifth column. How long it can hold out against infiltration by the fifth column coming from Russia, and from Usaia via Ukraine, that’s another issue and a separate discussion. But today, the most important thing they have is national authority. Which is a lot already. The invaders cannot solve the Donetsk-Lugansk problem while there is a national authority in place there.

Q: Then they’ll resolve it via the fifth column.

A: But not right now. There is no fifth column. It still has to come in.

Q: It will.

A: Not that quickly. In Russia and Ukraine it took them twenty years to construct the fifth column.

Q: They were constructing it earlier than that. Who surrendered the Soviet Union? The same elite remains in place.

A: I know. But the vertical hierarchy of authority is constructed differently here. Remember, the fifth column is not people who from birth are enemies of their own nation. It’s people who have entered a certain system of procedures and filters. The filtering takes time. Anyone from the fifth column turning up in Donetsk, Lugansk today is marked and visible. Anyone who is let in will be overtly put under pressure. If it’s someone working in the Donetsk government, it will be written on their back: “Sent by the fifth column.”

Q: But still, he’s in.

A: Maybe as a compromise. Like we have compromises with the mass media, as we discussed. With Kiselyev, for example. But it’s a different kind of compromise. In wartime it’s more difficult to get a compromise through. So in reality they have lost control. Why exactly are we focusing on the fact that a more or less nationally-orientated authority is taking shape in Lugansk-Donetsk? It is weak, but nationally orientated. Because if this trend continues, then the nationally orientated authority will create a contrast vis-a-vis the Russian authorities, amongst others. Having defended themselves and set up, for example, national institutions and economic mechanisms, I am confident that they will live better than … maybe even Russia. Because they won’t be paying tributes, even if they maintain a huge army. But now we’re talking about the strategic view for many years ahead. In the half-year ahead Donetsk-Lugansk will build a hopefully joint state structure. Furthermore, within half a year, as a result of foreign armed invasions into the territory of these states, conditions will form – listen carefully – for the very same processes in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Mykolayev and other regions, what is called the South-East. It will trigger the cloning of the mechanism of fighting against the foreign invader. Nominally, the Odessa regiment, which is now being formed in Donetsk-Lugansk, obviously for the moment it is fighting…

Look, the Polish Army, which joined forces with the Red Army on the front line within the territory of the USSR, they went on to liberate Warsaw. It’s the same here, they will liberate Odessa. That’s why I was talking about the second scenario in the conceptual battle. Currently, there is a huge battle on the level of ideological conceptions. Will there be an Odessa regiment or not within the Donetsk-Lugansk Army? If yes, then it will be the determinative process of the liberation of Odessa. If it gets dissolved, it means they decided not to go down that road. It’s as simple as that. Next. National mass media will be formed, which will tell the truth. That’s not difficult to set up. If successful, it will become a template for Russia. There will be many templates. Will there be a State Bank or a Central Bank? Again a template for Russia. Many things will be cloned. Look at Crimea, for example, a territory which has been liberated. Question: Why was it written into the Constitution of Crimea, that “Crimea is under an external system of administration.” (i.e. foreign)

Q: I haven’t read it. Is that what it says?

A: No-one has read it. But someone has written it.

Q: It’s those articles about precedence in law. However, if Crimea is part of the Russian Federation, then it subject to the Russian Constitution. Yes, automatically.

A: The important issue now is strengthening the statehood of Donetsk and Lugansk, setting up the army of these states, equipping the armies, especially as they will need heavy armaments. I can tell you that Strelkov, for example, he got the system working: Usaian, Ukrainian equipment, including that of the mercenaries. Remember we discussed the fact that mercenaries were operating the equipment. Well, now TV here has picked it up. We knew about this ages ago. Certain television networks… I think they’ll quickly wipe this information, because the Usaians will trace it and give the command to their people in Russia not to publish it. Mercenaries operate the equipment, because it doesn’t require knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian language. They can operate an APC, or a tank, or a plane, or a chopper. By the way, there is information that 20 mercenaries have disappeared. I repeat: this is a Usaian counter-insurgency unit, Usaian military personnel, who have been doing the very same role in Syria, Libya and other nations. The fact that Strelkov obtained the means to fight against tanks automatically halted the counter-insurgency operation. None of the people there want to fight a war, including the Usaian soldiers.

Q: Indeed, why would they of all people want to die there, not even knowing what for?

A: I said the size of the army could be 600,000. Even with an army of 50-60,000, which is a peacetime complement, Donetsk and Lugansk are fully capable of defending their territory, and, even with that number, could liberate all Ukraine. Unless NATO comes in. We are discussing, will Putin declare a no-fly zone, and so on, in the absence of NATO. If NATO forces appear, then in my view such zones are not needed. By being a state they will be able to resolve this problem themselves. Why wouldn’t Donetsk and Lugansk have their own aviation, for example? That’s not difficult these days.

Q: Would Russia be able to provide weapons to this state?

A: Only if they are recognized as a state.

Q: And will they be recognized?

A: I don’t think it will be quick. But I think they will be recognized eventually. Why not quickly? Because of the Usaians.

Q: Not quickly means what?

A: Not until the conditions are right. Once Russia is able to purge the fifth column in Moscow…

Q: That will be a long time.

A: Hang on, you’re living in another dimension. You’re living in the dimension of peacetime. But war has begun.

Q: Not me. I’m talking about the majority of people, who, I’m afraid, are still living in the dimension of peacetime.

A: Here I don’t mean the people. I’m talking about the processes, from a historical perspective. Likewise, I’m displeased with those who instead of defending their nation, go and release balloons on May 1. Although they are defending with words. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the dynamics of the processes, which we can make projections about, taking into account people’s upbringing, and their reorientation toward the truth. This is my view from outside: The historical process says that wartime is a catalyst. People in Lugansk were not thinking about a referendum even one month ago. They were bringing up their children, going to work. And continue to work in those mines, even for free. These are hard-working people living in this territory. Then a process started, in which they quickly became informed. During a war situation the process of people getting informed can happen quickly and everywhere. So you’re asking, is Russia ready for this? Well, are Donetsk and Lugansk ready for it? They are giving Russia a head start on the process of forming national statehood. The liberation process in Ukraine will inevitably help Putin to purge the fifth column in Russia. Which, by the way, doesn’t need all that many people to do. You said the fifth column is large. But we have a lot of people too. The People’s Liberation Movement (PLM) has 120,000. Supposing that in one year PLM has 1.2 million people?

Q: It doesn’t require many people to effect a purge. One firing squad is enough.

A: No. Firing squad is not an acceptable method.

Q: Why not? Uncle Yosef carried out a purge three times. You know, Putin made a good comment about repression some time ago. He talked about those who are zealous for repression, i.e. repressing corrupt officials, shooting them, and so on. During a war, he said, like we are in now, the wrong people get repressed. The corrupt will immediately seize control of the machinery of repression. Those who come out against the fifth column are the ones who will get shot.

A: Execution becomes a business, with big bucks involved. So it won’t be the corrupt officials who get shot. People with money will get shot in order to pay for the protection of those corrupt officials.

Q: That’s what Putin was saying.

A: One could be corrupt and get shot or not get shot. But that’s how it will work. For the moment, Donetsk and Lughansk, whether we want it or not, are setting an example for Russia on purging the fifth column. Even if it is not characterized in those terms. This aspect is not being examined in our media, or generally. But the example is contagious in and of itself. Let’s say the PLM has 120,000 members in Russia. Now on the territory of the FSU a further 6 million PLM folks have popped up. That is what has happened in Ukraine. Because of the processes unfolding in Ukraine there has been an instant surge in the number of PLM folks, in terms of their worldview.

Q: So we’re back to the question, what to do with this surge. I mean, it could be completely hijacked and led astray.

A: That’s another story. There will be a battle. Look, this is a war. A war is a form of battle where there are victims, unlike a battle with no victims, which is not called a war. I’m afraid we have entered a period of Patriotic War, not only on the territory of Ukraine, but on the territory of the Russian Federation too, even if the people here haven’t realized that. This process, which is still a cold war in Russia, but a hot war in Ukraine, will lead to one of two outcomes. Either we go under. Or, if we don’t go under, it will lead to purging of the fifth column in Russia, and the resurrection of the national sovereignty of the Russian Federation. Clear and simple.

Q: According to the Usaian assessments, we will lose. They are professionals too.

A: If they are victorious, as they have reckoned, then we are dead. I repeat, tens of millions of people in Russia will be wiped out. Higher than the number in Ukraine. Even though the process of annihilation has begun there already. Its objective is to resolve the historical issue of rivalry against Russians. The Anglo-Saxons have been in contention against the Russians for 600 years. They’re doing this to solve a long-standing problem. Just as Hitler was resolving the historical problem of the rivals of the German nation. That’s why he attacked the Soviet Union and France. Here, however, unlike in France, he wanted to solve the problem fundamentally. He said so himself. The Usaians are doing the very same. Just as they resolved the fundamental problem of rivalry from the indigenous Usaian population. There were 10 million of them, versus a few hundred thousand Anglo-Saxons, when they invaded. Now the ratio is reversed. Hundreds of millions of them, and a few hundred thousand indigenous. They solved their problem by means of the law on compulsory sterilization of boys, which was officially in force under Roosevelt, and by specific state policies. In fact, all of their policies came down to the physical elimination of people. Although not on camera. It was done “professionally”, as they call it.

They solved that problem. Similarly they will solve their problem with Russia. Victory by them will mean our elimination. I’m not considering that scenario, because it doesn’t interest me from an analytical perspective. I’m considering the second scenario: a change in people’s consciousness in Russia, as happened before, such that the assessment of the invader turns out to be incorrect. They had reckoned they were dealing with people of a certain mentality, who enjoy releasing balloons and celebrating, while their execution is imminent. In other words, vegetables. They reckoned that the people who live here are vegetables. But after living as vegetables, these vegetables suddenly transform into a conscious being, and thus begin to act differently than does a vegetable. Consequently, the projections by the Usaians, based on the number of vegetables, are found to be incorrect.

Q: It’s just a question of self-preservation. When someone realizes that they’re about to get killed…

A: That’s what motivates a vegetable to become an intelligent being. But I’m talking from the Usaians’ view, whose information says “140 million cabbages.” Suddenly 140 million cabbages become conscious intelligent people, moreover with weapons, and capable of using them, and, at that, people who love their nation. That was unexpected.

Q: Brave cabbages? Don’t make it sound like a movie! I’m really not sure about 140 million. That won’t happen.

A: Do you have confidence in the 6 million people of Lugansk and Donetsk?

Q: But Evgeny, to get people out onto the streets… That’s the most difficult part. I mean, no-one is… Until soldiers in NATO uniforms come up to them, knock on the door and start shooting… That’s what I see.

A: Understood. So actually, you’re saying that there has to be victims before people will wake up. History doesn’t care about people or victims. If history needs victims, then victims there will be. The task of PLM is to avoid having victims, to wake people up before the shooting does so.

Q: Some will be awakened, but most will…

A: Do what needs to be done. What will be will be.

Q: That’s a good way to put it. That’s the right approach. Whether that will lead to the desired goal, that’s a different issue.

A: Look, there is only one road. On this road, you either go forward or backward. We have taken up a forward position. PLM is the strategic reconnaissance of the nation, roughly speaking. We are ahead on this road. We know that the road back leads to elimination. Now that WW3 has begun, which for us is a Patriotic War, it is now obvious. The nation cannot stand still, as it did a couple of years ago, before they started attacking us. So either the nation goes down the road, pushed by the Usaians, to liquidation, which we agreed we are not going to consider. That’s only for consideration in a different light: finding yourself a good spot in the graveyard, and so on. Or else the nation simply has to move forward into the embrace of PLM. Which is what has happened in Donetsk and Lugansk. So we are waiting for the nation to get itself together and decide that it wants to live. What happened in Crimea, Lugansk, Donetsk will now happen across Ukraine, which is part of Greater Russia, as we know. In my view, Lugansk and Donetsk are no different than Tambov and Belgorod.

Q: Essentially not.

A: Not in any way. The fact that these territories were cut up into occupied zones 20 years ago changes nothing from the perspective of common sense and inner logic. What I’m saying is that if three regions of what we are now calling Greater Russia have awakened, Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk, then a number of other regions will also awaken. Along with the growth of PLM in Russia there is a process of outright territorial transformation taking place on the principle of a national liberation battle. Sooner or later, consequently, the process will reach Moscow.

Q: What we fear is that even if people wake up, they will be led astray.

A: Hang on, people are being led astray all the time. The fact that the mass media are lying and misleading people, that is what is happening currently. Waking up means to start going in the right direction. An awakened person is more difficult to mislead. It’s not a plank of wood, it’s someone who has started to think. Someone who has begun thinking starts to embody their own personal and historical family wisdom. That’s the meaning of the national liberation battle. Once that orientation has formed in people’s heads, it will be put into effect: either on the streets, or in mechanisms such a referendum for a sovereign Constitution, or in professional manifestations, such as the “Russian Sovereignty” association of deputies in the Duma, and so on.

Q: In the photos from Odessa we saw girls preparing Molotov cocktails, pouring kerosene into bottles and stopping in a rag. Are these awakened people?

A: This is people zombified by the propaganda of the occupier. In Russia they are all zombies. Don’t you see? People here are no different than those girls.

Q: Even people who are prepared to rise up and take up arms will use those arms against the wrong targets. They’ll make Molotov cocktails and throw them at our police. And at Putin, and at nationally orientated people.

A: If they are throwing them at Putin and at nationally orientated people, then that is a Velvet or Orange Revolution, orchestrated by Usaia. That is a foreign invasion into the territory of the Russian Federation. These people will be simply working for the occupier, at the disposal of the occupier. Those people are not awake, they are asleep. They are not acting consciously. They are acting reflexively under the influence of psyops, which is the job of the mass media, including in Russia.

Q: That’s how it is.

A: It’s a different configuration of the forces. Let me put this in military terms. You are saying: “We don’t have 100 tanks. We have two. 95 are not ours.” Which means they are not ours currently.

Q: And those two move and shoot poorly.

A: Remember, option one is death.

Q: Moreover, one of our two tanks could switch sides under that influence.

A: That scenario means death, which we agreed not to discuss. Today we’re discussing the second scenario: national liberation movement, liberation of the nation from foreign invaders and occupiers. And you’re saying it won’t happen.

Q: No. I think it will. But only when… the house is burning, so to speak.

A: It’s burning already.

Q: It’s not burning. It’s just warming up.

A: Not true. It’s on fire. When people in the Russian world are being killed and roasted, that means our house is on fire. You said that no-one cares about what’s happening in Donetsk or Tambov. I disagree. I think the processes of conceptual restoration in Russia have begun.

Q: Yes, there has been some movement.

A: The war in Ukraine is the catalyst of this process.

Q: Which brings us back to the question: who will capture these processes?

A: You can’t capture what is already under control. The processes are under control via the fifth column in Russia. As the processes evolve, they come out of their control.

Q: You mean that regarding the current dissatisfaction with Putin’s inaction, people will somehow figure out by themselves why he’s not acting?

A: Who told you he’s not acting? The propaganda here is telling you that.

Q: For example, troops have not been sent in. The propaganda is calling that “inaction”. There’s no point in sending in troops. People don’t understand that.

A: While there are residents of Slavyansk living in Moscow calling for Russian troops to be sent, there is no point in sending them.

Q: I know. But people influenced by the propaganda don’t understand. That’s the essence of the issue.

A: That’s their problem. You’re trying to convince me that people want to die. Well, so be it. You want to die, go ahead. So to summarize your persistent desire to ascertain the position of people in Russia. In my view: the current increase of tension is due to compassionate, patriotic people, and that is what the fifth column wants. I agree: the increased tension, the masses of angry people, could be exploited in the invaders’ interests to destroy the people’s own state, and consequently them. That means unleashing an Orange Revolution in Moscow, as we discussed. We’re talking about an invasion of Russia by Usaia beginning next year (2015), like we have seen in the Ukraine, in Kiev, i.e. an invasion of a terroristic nature. This is what we’re talking about all the time. The methods of invasion will consist of exploiting the fifth column and indignant people in Moscow. The degree of indignation among the people is rising. When we see that the Russian TV channels have begun to spin the killing of people in Ukraine by the invaders on its territory, but they don’t say that it is being done by invaders, in other words, they are deceiving people about who ordered this process, that means they are working to prepare an Orange Revolution in Russia. I agree. These TV channels in Russia are preparing an Orange Revolution: Channel 1, NTV, VGTRK, and so on. Your conclusion is that the invaders will succeed in realizing the plan to eliminate Russia. According to the PLM’s theories, they are preparing an invasion. You say that this invasion will be successful.

Q: That’s what I fear.

A: I understand. But consider this: Obviously, whenever someone starts a war, they are planning for success. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I agree, the Usaians reckon that they will be successful with their war, their elimination of Russia, and their murder of the people here. That’s why the started this story in Kiev at this time, and not three years ago, or three years from now. Agreed. But I think they’ve miscalculated. Because the angry masses, whom they are preparing in Russia, are already interacting with armed people in Lugansk and Donetsk. Notice, the People’s Liberation Movement has acquired an army. Just half a year ago it had no army. Now PLM has an army. Because of this interaction, they will fail. Just as they did previously when we were attacked by Hitler, Napoleon, the English and Germans with Lenin 1917, etc. The result of this process will mean that they miscalculated. The masses of angry people you talked about, after interaction with armed forces of the now-forming national movement of Russia who are in Donetsk and Lugansk, will turn their attention to the fifth column and the restoration of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. That’s my opinion.

Q: Would be good if it turns out as you describe.

A: Moreover, this will lead to the collapse of the colonial empire of Usaia. This process won’t complete in one year. We’re talking about an attack next year. The process will continue for several years, minimum. It’s already been underway half a year, as you said, in Crimea, in Ukraine.

Q: The hot phase of it.

A: The hot phase will continue for several years. You see? That’s the simple issue.

Q: You say that the Usaians have calculated it all and are moving forward. Why do they impose such pathetic sanctions? Like against the Chief Prosecutor of Crimea. It just makes people laugh. Next it was the General from the paratroopers division.

A: The purpose of the sanctions is to demonstrate the mechanism. The demonstration works by naming specific individuals. Next, specially instructed people, for example, the 20,000 grant recipients in Moscow, who have some kind of dependency, will approach certain individuals, right up to the commander of the interior ministry battalion, for example, and start trying to influence them to take certain actions which will play into the hands of Usaia, according to an already understood pattern, moreover, knowing more about these people than we do: property owned abroad, children, other foreign connections. This is how the mechanism works. They approach a specific individual, say a minister, no, let’s say a deputy minister, because they’re already in contact with the ministers since long ago. To the deputy minister they say: “Listen, buddy. You’ve got this weak spot, this vulnerability, this exposure, etc. You know about sanctions?” “Yes.” “You want sanctions on you?” “No.” “Then do this, this and this.” It’s a simple conversation. It took place in Kiev. It’s now taking place in Moscow. It was already taking place in Moscow and is continuing. Afterwards they report to their bosses, who in turn report to Washington: “Meeting was held with Ivan Ivanov; his reaction was this; in such a case he will do this; he has agreed to do this and that, for the sake of his family living in London.”

Q: All because money is #1. People are afraid to lose their money, their houses bought for money.

A: These people are selected on the basis of money. Moreover they were selected long ago. The first stage of the selection is ideological. That happened 10 years ago. If it’s an economist, for example, it has to be a supporter of neoliberal values. Suppose you have 50 junior economists. Only five of them will be supporters of neoliberalism. These five are the ones who get promoted to department heads. Out of a personnel of 50 people, you have to appoint five department heads. They are they ones who get selected, after going through an evaluation. Which means they go abroad and make contacts. It’s no coincidence that hundreds of thousands of civil servants have connections abroad. There was an exchange program under Yeltsin involving tens of thousands. This is not an exchange. It’s profiling our people with Usaian money. They’ve been selected already. Of the five, someone will progress up the ladder. The selection process takes 10-15 years. To become a minister, a person has to pass through several Usaian filters. Every filter reduces the probability of allowing through a patriot. The mechanism of property owned abroad is one element, an additional hook. Within the overall formula for influencing people there is a multitude of elements. For example: the selection process, neoliberalism, property abroad, children. They promote all of this. If you don’t have children abroad, then you don’t get promoted to the head of administration. You want to become the head of administration? Then first send your kids abroad. To put it bluntly. They are not necessarily traitors. This is just the preliminary selection process. Out of 1000 people, 10 have been picked out, who are already inclined toward cooperation with a foreign state.

Q: Whoever they’ve got the most hooks on.

A: Hooks and views. Their views are important too.

Q: Evgeny, all of these people in the powerful fifth column, with their ties to the West, do they not realize they are going to get killed? They worry about losing their money, but they’re going to lose their life.

A: Take into account the psychological dimension, for example: Young guy. Should he become a lathe operator or a civil servant? Civil servant, of course, because of the pay, the social package, the authority, and more. That’s the first element of the selection process. What’s next for the young lad? They ask: “You want growth?” He says: “Of course.” “Your wage is 20,000. You want 30,000?” “I do.” OK. Then go abroad.

Q: Abroad is good.

A: Of course it’s good. Nothing bad about that. It’s all paid for and taken care of. Why wouldn’t he go? That’s not treason. He’s only going once. Out of 30 people, they pick 5 good candidates, filter them, tick the boxes. These five have been assessed and are being monitored. So continues the system of incremental selection. The fact that he’s working for the Usaians he won’t understand until he’s fully locked in by his arms and legs.

Q: That’s the people I’m talking about, those who are fully locked in.

A: Three years ago, before the People’s Liberation Movement (PLM), who were the first to raise this issue, the property abroad owned by civil servants, remember, PLM proposed a law, which didn’t pass. Putin had to fight for this law and lead it through. Three years ago no-one thought anything bad of it.

Q: Yes, how great to have…

A: … good international experience, graduated from Harvard, traveled a bit, what a cool guy. It was viewed positively. Now, following the silent victory by PLM, it is considered negatively.

Q: That’s those around – what about the person themselves? They can see that even if won’t betray their bosses now, they’re still going to get killed. Look at Berezovsky: killed.

A: What do you mean, do they see? Firstly, he’s already in the system and can’t leave. He would have to pull of some undercover operation and disappear, which is unlikely. He keeps postponing it: not today, tomorrow… Like a criminal, who maybe doesn’t want to be in the business of crime any more, but keeps postponing the day when he will turn over a new leaf.

Q: It’s very difficult when you have family, children, and you’re tied down.

A: Your wife is calling every day: “Oh, our 4th floor in Paris is still not built yet!” She nags him, “Come on, what’s happening with my 4th floor?”

Q: They get used to the good life.

A: “The pig built a 3-story house. Why can’t he build 4 stories?!”

Q: Money is worth more than life.

A: The process selects them.

Q: They specially pick out the people for whom money is worth more than…

A: Those who were not obsessed with making money didn’t get promoted. Those who valued money more got selected. The importance of the point you raised is a factor, which three years ago wasn’t being considered at all. No-one would have even thought of it. But now they are, thanks to PLM, which has achieved a lot. People take nothing to do with us, pretend they haven’t noticed us, and so on. But we have achieved a lot. We are winning. So you’re underestimating this. We really are winning. Today in Russia PLM is the only savior, psychologically speaking: the national liberation movement as the savior of the nation and the people. The alternative is your death and elimination. For those who are paying attention this is obvious. You say the people are not waking up. The people, that’s 140 million. But there are many intelligent people in Russia, not all of whom are members of PLM. How many intelligent people are there? Many. Millions of people, the more intelligent ones, have understood. PLM provides a structure, contacts and information. The information is getting through, it’s inevitable. Then there are people who are in denial for the reasons given: self-interest, ideology, and other factors. But even if they dismiss it, they know it’s true. Here they face the choice you were talking about. Before PLM there was no choice, and so no problem. Everything to do with foreign countries was warmly encouraged, with cries of: “Awesome! You’re lucky! I wish I could be in your position.”

Q: That’s an issue of propaganda.

A: The propaganda is working, but in this respect it’s weakened. If you ask 100 people, “do you want to go and live abroad?” I’m sure 95 will answer “Yes.” Previously 99 would have said yes. So there you are. Following the video series I made, “Life in the West”, about different countries, people are always cursing: “Why do you always focus on the negative?”

Q: Exactly. Because they are constantly being told how good everything is.

A: The West is a bearded woman. These things are not by chance either. No, it’s a very specific… Western countries are a specific group of states. On our TV channels you hear about the “international community.” What that means is not more than 1 million people within this community. The “international community” never includes the Chinese, have you noticed? Even though 1½ billion people live there.

Q: Nor Indians.

A: They don’t get called the international community either. Although the history of these nations, Chinese and Indian, is three times greater than that of the Europeans’.

Q: African nations have an ancient history too.

A: And they’re not part of the international community either. “International community” means a very specific organizational system: Usaia and their vassals, sometimes called allies. England, maybe, is more of an ally than a vassal. Although… That’s the “international community.” This term has been usurped. Why? Because this part of the world, which is merely one eighth of the world, that’s counting the population, otherwise it’s a different story, is conducting a very specific competitive battle. It’s the crusade of the Anglo-Saxons, even if some people are French or Germans, it’s still the Anglo-Saxon way. The crusade of the Anglo-Saxons is about pure colonialist exploitation. Essentially it’s a thuggish state in its foundation and in its technology.

Q: All states are fundamentally thuggish.

A: No. There are different degrees. Here we’re talking about a state which is fundamentally thuggish, because its very basis is thuggery towards other states. Likewise within those countries. There is a very clear hierarchical segregation of the population. You’ve got lords, oligarchs, or whoever, then the rest of the population, which is to be fed on GM foods. Their external process consists of this break-down of the world: (1) gangster colleagues, colonizers; (2) territories and states to be robbed and colonized. That’s the basis of their state system. To enable the robbery and colonization they need a powerful propaganda machine, “confectionary.” What did people notice most, when the Soviet Union switched to so-called market conditions? Immense importance was suddenly given to the wrapper. In fact, Soviet confectionary was tastier than any foreign products. On the other hand their wrappers were vastly better and constituted half the cost of the product. Later they put them into hard boxes where one confection was surrounded by layer after layer. The confection itself was 10% of the cost, and the box, 90%. This is their mentality. What’s important is not the content, the essence, but the wrapping, the marketing and presentation. That’s a characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon colonial system and their nation structure, i.e. hyping things up. As with any gangsters. Gangsters love to look stylish and magnificent. That’s their characteristic. If you’re going around killing people and living a gangster’s life, then no-one will respect you for that. So you have to compensate with a flashy exterior component. That’s why gangsters always go for style and luxury.

And it’s a characteristic of Anglo-Saxon nationality. A powerful propaganda machine directed at subjugated people, rivals and neighbors. They even measure up among themselves by the power of the propaganda mechanism. Obviously for peoples who live by a different logic, live off their own development, and not off gangsterism and robbery, they don’t need all this stuff. In their system it’s just stupid. For them having a poor confection in a lovely wrapper is stupid. Better to have a good, quality confection in a poor wrapper. The essence of the thing is more important than how it’s presented. Now that the Usaians have constructed their colonialist empire, like the English and Germans did before them, they are always attending to their façade, which today we would call propaganda. What they’re doing is wrong in principle. Because their propaganda is built on lies. In our country propaganda is disliked. Propaganda can be accepted, but not lies, that’s improper. It contradicts the core principles of a person, family and nation.

Q: So far.

A: Historically it has always been the same. Yes, these things did happen, but the scale is very different. A gangster state always has a more powerful propaganda machine. Now this machine is just being used normally; they’re perfecting it every day. Only now we’re into a different phase. For example, when you are fishing, you put a worm on the hook? Well, that’s deceiving the fish. But it’s normal practice. Likewise for gangsters. You don’t think you’re a bad guy for catching fish. Likewise Usaians, in their own minds, don’t think they’re bad guys. OK, they manipulate some idiots in developing countries, as they see it. Talking of developing countries, their government is five times bigger than others, they never finish developing it. Now they gladly exploit these developing countries. That’s not double standards. It’s the principle on which the system is built. We are the civilized people, even the über-people, and they are just the sheep: those natives, developing peoples. Tricking them is awesome! If I manage to deceive them, then my colonizer neighbor will say: “You’re such a cool dude! Look how you duped those chumps!”

Q: It brings respect.

A: Now this is all coming to light. Not long ago it was masked in … democracy, human rights. Now they’ve reached the point where they couldn’t give a rat’s ass for all that stuff. They’ve openly switched to military action on our territory, having seen the opportunity to resolve their problem.

Q: They have nothing to hide any more.

A: Yes, but why do they have nothing to hide? Not only because of their crisis. But because they reckon they will win.

Q: They see no forces which can stop them.

A: Correct. Nor did Hitler see any. He couldn’t see any force which could oppose him.

Q: So we’re back to where we started. Cabbages.

A: He had set the task of eliminating the Soviet Union within a few months, you remember? His campaign was meant to succeed within one season, even half a season.

Q: Then Germany wouldn’t have been stretched.

A: That’s another issue. If he had reckoned it wouldn’t be successful, then he wouldn’t have attacked. He would have changed his strategy, tried to strike a deal with Stalin, or done something else. In fact he did get a pact, among other things. He reckoned he would win in half a season. The Usaians attacked Kiev, reckoning they would solve their problem before the Olympics were over. Remember, we discussed there was going be a Night of the Long Knives? Well, it happened. Because that’s an element of the system. Now we’re saying that the Night of the Long Knives will continue. This system is normal work for the Usaians. They reckoned on solving their problem during the Olympics. That is, take Kiev in one blow, and immediately after the Olympic Games, strike Russia. That was the plan. It didn’t work out. Because of Crimea. Which led to a wave of patriotism in Russia, which they didn’t expect. They had reckoned on bursting into Moscow on the heels of their invasion of Ukraine, this very summer (2014). Their plan has fallen apart already. Like Hitler’s did. Their plans to seize the country in half a year, Hitler’s and the Usaians’, visibly failed. Now it’s postponed till next year.

Q: You were saying that the plan of the Usaians was to have a massive war in Ukraine.

A: Well, now there is a war underway in Ukraine. I understand. But Crimea changed the tactics in this war. Crimea brought out powerful patriotism in Russia. A war in Ukraine represents a deterioration of the Russian mentality. A war in Ukraine represents a failure, if you don’t consider Crimea. Crimea brought some success, from our perspective. If it hadn’t been for Crimea, there would have been a massive negative psychological factor. That factor of negativity was meant to be a basis of their invasion of Moscow this summer. Meant to be. The consequence would have been exactly as described by Maria: a powerful and dissatisfied population, which under the command of Usaians overthrows what’s left of the nationalist authorities. Crimea changed the circumstances. And Donbass dragged it out. This was a characteristic of the Battles of Smolensk and Brest. They dragged out the German invasion. After the Blitzkrieg there, they were supposed to ride on to Moscow. But it all got dragged out, and they approached Moscow in the cold. That was followed by prolongation and re-planning. Hitler was destined to fail, because he didn’t accomplish the Blitzkrieg, as he had planned on paper. The delay of the Blitzkrieg, you can imagine, November and so on, that changed the whole logic of his plan.

Same now with the Usaians: Crimea has changed the whole logic of their plan. The war in Lugansk and Donetsk is dragging out the Usaian Blitzkrieg on the territory of Ukraine. Not for nothing they’re pumping the election: they think it will bring legitimacy and force Putin to put down Donetsk and Lugansk, which they hadn’t anticipated. Why do you think they crushed Odessa and Kharkov? Kharkov should have been rebelling too, but they put that down. They’ve had failures in two regions, and in Crimea. So that’s already a delay. The population in Russia hasn’t woken up in the meantime, but has begun to. The strategic approaches have begun to change. Consequently, they have postponed their broad attack on Russia until next year (2015). If the Usaians fail to attack Russia next year, it will mean that the People’s Liberation Movement in Russia will be victorious. At least de facto victorious. It will wreck the Usaians’ plans for an all-out attack on Russia. And failure of their planned all-out attack will, sadly with a large number of victims, at least in Ukraine, just as it was during the Great Patriotic War, lead to the reformatting of the whole state structure in Russia, and to the elimination of the fifth column. With the help of PLM, who will be needed.

Q: Let’s hope. Let’s work on it.

A: Not only work on it, but understand that we find ourselves within a historical trend, which historically goes around. Why are we careful about what we do in PLM? Because it’s not just about victory, but also about the continuation: we are the only people opposing the fifth column, and the only ones who even call it that. Apart from us, who today would have described Channel 1, VGTRK and NTV as the “fifth column”?

Q: No-one says that.

A: Once the situation dramatically accelerates, it will become clear that we were right.

Q: We conducted a project, examining organizations. In not a single one of the organizations registered with the Ministry of Justice, in their programs and statutes, is there a stated goal to establish sovereignty, to combat the occupier, to change the…

A: Correct. In Ukraine there is a battle against the occupier, but in Russia, no.

Q: They like to fight corruption, inequality, or anything at all.

A: What’s the difference? The logic is simple. When I talk to high-level people in the media, they understand full well. They can’t talk with me. Because right from the second sentence they know that we are right, and they have no answer. They know they are the fifth column and they have no response. They’re so integrated into the system, that they’re more comfortable not talking to me than trying to… So of course they have no answer. Notice that no-one at all is talking to PLM. Because they have no answer. They know we are right. Any dialog with us will end in victory for us, and our pickets, our activists. By the way, I’m very grateful to our pickets and activists, and all those who hold gatherings every day. Because any dialog ends with victory for us. This is an instrument which cannot be ideologically opposed. History regulates it, automatically, repeatedly. Any ideological engagement with PLM will mean a victory for PLM, and for the people realizing this ideological interaction.

Q: Because of the power of truth. Let’s hope it wins.

A: Correct. The power of truth. That’s why the only way to fight against the truth is to suppress it.

Q: Or tell the truth, but only partially.

A: It’s the same thing when half the truth is told and the other half is intentionally withheld. Although the facts state that there is 100% of truth. Sometimes they even lay out the facts like pieces of a mosaic, but are afraid to connect the dots. They say: “An area where 1,000 trees grow.” They’re not allowed to call it a ‘forest’. That’s why they say: “An area where 1,000 trees grow close together.”

Q: That’s why they say so.

A: That is exactly the lies of our Channel 1, VGTRK, NTV and the others. An area where 1,000 trees grow, which mustn’t be called a forest.

Q: Thank you, Evgeny Alexeevich.