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Concept.png "Countering disinformation"
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When used by the Integrity Initiative, this appears to be a code for "promoting our narrative".

"Countering disinformation" (or "combating disinformation") is a turn of phrase much used by the Integrity Initiative and some of its partner organisations in their efforts.

Loose definition

Upskilling to Upscale: Unleashing the Capacity of Civil Society to Counter Disinformation[1] takes "a broad approach to disinformation", as illustrated by the second paragraph of section 5.3 of appendix A, entitled Barriers to learning:

“Another barrier to combating disinformation is the fact that certain Kremlin-backed narratives are factually true. For example, the Serbian organisation European Western Balkans noted that one of the country's most prominent pro-Kremlin narratives relates to Russia's ongoing support for Belgrade in the Kosovo dispute which is true. Responding to inconvenient truths, as opposed to pure propaganda, is naturally more problematic.”
 (June 2018)  [2]

Fact checking

Full article: “Fact checking”

The II views that fact checking is a basic form of countering disinformation:

“the counter-disinformation space as a whole [in Georgia] is slightly less evolved than in other regions, still being largely though not exclusively focused on fact-checking, which might be termed counter-disinformation 1.0.”
 (June 2018)  [2]

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