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(COVID-19/Premature death?)
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The Daily Mirror reports his death; Ivermectin is the main focus.
BornCaleb Wallace
1990 or 1991
Died28 August 2021 (Age 31)
Cause of death
Anti face mask mandate activist dies of COVID? The CCM is delighted.

Caleb Wallace was an American citizen.

On 4 July 2020, Caleb Wallace helped organize The Freedom Rally in San Angelo. People at the event carried signs that criticized the wearing of masks, business closures, the science behind Covid-19 and liberal media. He also organized a group, The San Angelo Freedom Defenders.

His wife Jessica Wallace said her husband began experiencing Covid symptoms on 26 July but refused to get tested or go to the hospital. He instead took high doses of Vitamin C, zinc aspirin and ivermectin.

He was admitted to hospital on 8 August. He died on 28 August 2021.[1]

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