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A leak site for the Balkans.

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In its own words:
"Following the example of the whistleblowers site Wikileaks we opened this site to promote transparency and fight the nexus of organized crime and political corruption in the Balkan states."
Constitutes: Leak site

Main focus: Balkans, Bulgaria

Balkanleaks is a leak site for the Balkans, founded by Bulgarian journalists Atanas Tchobanov and Assen Yordanov

In 2014, Balkanleaks was selected for crowdfunding by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.[1]

The website seems to be inactive from around 2018.[2]


It was founded by Bulgarian journalists Atanas Tchobanov and Assen Yordanov from the site

"Using the same anonymity tools as WikiLeaks, the group has obtained leaked documents exposing judicial bribery, former members of the Soviet-tied secret police, and [blackmailing]] between Bulgarian prosecutors. After obtaining and publishing a State Department cable on Bulgarian organized crime the group received from rogue WikiLeaks ex-associate Israel Shamir last summer, Bivol partnered with WikiLeaks to release the rest of the Bulgaria-related cables. One accused Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov of close mafia ties, a claim he vigorously dismissed in a Bulgarian TV interview as 'yellow journalism.'"[3]

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