2003 El Nogal Club bombing

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Event.png 2003 El Nogal Club bombing (bombing) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
2003 El Nogal Club bombing.jpg
DateFebruary 7, 2003
LocationBogotá,  Colombia
Blamed onFARC
TypeCar bombing
Injured (non-fatal)200
DescriptionA murderous bomb in Colombia which as "investigated" by Cabal cover-up artist, Mete Sozen.


Russian Arms dealer Victor Bout has claimed that "El-Nogal is known to have been a mini-nuke bombing – at least known to appropriate security officials."[1]


After the blast, a report into the bombing was produced by Mete Sozen (infamous for leading cover ups of various false flag events in USA), Luis E. Garcia, Alejandro Perez, Santiago Pujol and Julio A. Ramirez, which estimated the bomb was equivalent to 160 kg of TNT.[2]


The Official Culprit