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Wikipedia+ pages on Wikispooks are created for use by the Wikipedia+ browser extension. They are in a dedicated namespace called "Wikipedia", so its name is prefixed with "Wikipedia:{PageName}", where {PageName} is the name of the unique Wikipedia page to it corresponds.


Their purpose is to supplement the corresponding Wikipedia page by providing links to additional information. They exist on Wikispooks because, in the judgement of Wikispooks editors, their subject matter renders their Wikipedia namesakes particularly vulnerable to the well-documented problems below:

  1. The biases described and illustrated in the Wikispooks project page The problem with Wikipedia.
  2. Becoming the object of an organised group of Wikipedia editors who deliberately and systematically maintain a clandestine editorial bias

Creating a Wikipedia+ Page

The only requirements, additional to Wikispooks standard page creation and editing conditions, are that all Wikipedia+ pages maintain a 1:1 relationship with an existing Wikipedia page. This is achieved by specifying:

  • an identical page name (but prefixed by "Wikipedia:")
  • its full Wikipedia URL.


For example, to create a Wikipedia+ page for an existing Wikipedia page named "Omar Khadr", the Wikispooks page name would be: Wikipedia:Omar Khadr

  • If the page name exists on Wikispooks, then it will be presented as any other page.
  • If it does not exist, then a Wikipedia+ page creation form will be loaded.

There is minimal data validation on the page creation form so far, so please check URLs and page names.


When a registered user views a Wikipedia+ page, the top menu will contain an Edit with form option. This should be used to edit the page. The regular 'Edit' option is also available, but will present the page template source code, which is less convenient and not recommended.