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Icons/Banners etc.?

Maybe I've just got icons on the brain, but how about them for pages like this? There's a tension between writing specific stuff about every page -- which is of course unique -- and using repeated, boilerplate, stuff. The latter is not only faster to write, but also to read, and icons faster still, for regular readers who will get used to them. I'm also mindful of Peter's ambition to make the site look and feel similar to WP, which has them aplenty.

Robin 10:30, 8 June 2012 (IST)

This series of 4 re-directs would be a very good place for a template.
But that's only because we're currently concentrating on one particular part of a topic on which Wikipedia has distributed the significant material across 4 different pages. As soon as the subject is extended to Pakistan drone attacks (as is urgent and I'm working on) then many more articles will be involved. But they will not be the same articles. Where they are the same articles, the wording will be quite different.
Furthermore, while it's clumsy to maintain 4 identical redirects, in a case like this (which is actually a bit unusual) they are mutually self-referencing, so it's no great problem. I've done two, Wikipedia:Israeli targeted killings‎ and Wikipedia:Targeted killing‎ and they're not quite identical. I was going to tinker a little bit and then do Wikipedia:Assassinations‎ and Wikipedia:Criticism of Israel when I was ready. It would be excellent if someone else did them completely differently, which would be an opportunity for me to see and re-use someone else's wording and good ideas. Toolbox 12:50, 8 June 2012 (IST)