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Group.png University of Redlands  
University of Redlands seal.png
HeadquartersRedlands, Greater Los Angeles Area, California
Other nameBulldogs
Private university in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The University of Redlands is a private university headquartered in Redlands, California, in the Greater Los Angeles Area, California. The university's main, residential[1] campus is situated on 160 acres (65 ha) near downtown Redlands.

The University was founded in 1907 through an initiative of the American Baptist Church. The first three graduates received their degrees in June 1910.


Alumni on Wikispooks

James Q. Wilson27 May 19312 March 2012USAcademic
Provided guidance on how best to coordinate the national war on drugs.
Philip Zelikow21 September 1954USDeep state actorBush-administration insider and Chair of 911 Commission later head of the University of Virginia's COVID Commission Planning Group