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Employment.png University of Notre Dame/President 

Leader ofNotre Dame University
Chief administrator of the university. Must be a Catholic priest.

The president of the University of Notre Dame is the chief administrator of the university. The president must be a priest of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, which founded the University. Holy Cross priests take a vow of poverty, so the presidential salary is paid directly to the order.

The president is selected by the board of trustees of the university, which has the general power of governance of the institution, and is second only to the university fellows. The president of the university is ex officio member of both the board of trustees and the fellows.[1]

The first president was Edward Sorin, who was also the founder of the university, who started his term in 1844 when the university received its charter.[2][3] The longest serving president was Theodore Hesburgh,[4]

The president is selected for a renewable 5-year term by the trustees of the university among the priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross.[5] Many of the presidents have been Notre Dame alumni.


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