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(Sociologist, Author, Statecraft/Analyst)
BornCharles Wright Mills
28 August 1916
Waco, Texas, USA
Died20 March 1962 (Age 45)
West Nyack, New York, USA
Cause of death
Heart attack
Victim ofPremature death
A sociologist who helped expose the US Ruling class

Charles Wright Mills was a US sociologist.


The Power Elite.jpg

In 1956, C. Wright Mills published The Power Elite about the US ruling class.


Mills observed that a small group of wealthy and powerful individuals controlled America’s dominant institutions (i.e., political, economic and military). More specifically, the governing elite in the U.S. are comprised of:[1]

  • 1) the highest political leaders, including the president and a few key cabinet members and advisors,
  • 2) major corporate owners and directors, and
  • 3) the highest-ranking military officers.


Mills reportedly suffered from a series of heart attacks throughout his life and his fourth attack led to his death on 20 March 1962 in West Nyack, New York.


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