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Constitutes: blog,  podcast

TheSwissBox Conversation is a free and independent web media on podcast and video.[1]

Own words

"Nous sommes une petite équipe d'utopistes, ouverts d'esprit et critiques qui tentons d’appréhender la complexité du monde tout en nous engageant pour ce que nous croyons juste.
"Nous proposons pour ce faire des conversations longs formats, libres, puissantes, profondes, honnêtes, nourrissantes et porteuses de sens en libre accès sur Internet.[2]

On Julian Assange

On 13 March 2024, Craig Murray posted on X:

"I really enjoyed this extensive conversation this morning. I am very lucky to get to meet great people all over the world and talk things over with them.
"If you are travelling or cooking or doing something useful and you can watch or listen in to some of this, I hope you enjoy it too.[3]

TheSwissBox Conversation posted:

"Thank you @CraigMurrayOrg for your kindness, your immense information work and your fight, our fight for the great causes of our time."[4]

An update

In an interview titled "The heinous crimes of the West", Craig Murray gives TSBC an update on the Julian Assange case.[5]

An update on the Julian Assange case

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