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I accept the necessity for discipline, but two points:

  1. Exceptions ameliorate the problems associated with rigid rule enforcement before optimum functionality is achieved - OK an excuse to put off development work but I simply want to achive a result without having to type the same text several times.
  2. How to achieve approximately the same result within the present SMWDocs structure? --Peter P (talk) 12:25, 31 December 2015 (GMT)
Using the existing structure, my first approach would be to allocate each an object template, of course, and set "|constitutes=Rogue Agents‎". Having done this, I'd have a look at see how close that came. It might be worth thinking about expanding with regards to specific versions - IIUC, there are 3 versions here. Are the old ones also useful, BTW? -- Robin (talk) 12:47, 31 December 2015 (GMT)