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Keep the page. It's good to see how terms are created and how they develop. Especially for future examples of a polarizing perspective or an enemy image. Just ask any law student how important they view precedents. On a small note Wikipedia really lost it, they remove that page for its "purely encyclopedic notability", but Churnalism - only known in the UK apart from the non-usage of the term according to google trends - gets a full essayJun (talk)

Hi. Thanks for having a look. It appears to me that Churnalism grew organically with good participation from early 2009 on, Presstitute from September 2017 gets nominated for deletion on the day of its creation. Must be due to the term coming from Gerald Celente, who is rather in the conspiracy corner. However, also not much engagement in expansion, but it may be limited what can be said. Still as you noted the term has recognition. What I wonder about, there is a fuss about quality, notability, standards, etc. and the article was a little bit bigger with good wording in the past, and with all the eyes looking now they write: "Presstitute is a term that references journalists and 'moulana' in mainstream media"[1]
what is "moulana"?? Nothing makes sense when I look that up. -- Sunvalley (talk) 13:53, 4 December 2020 (UTC)

Moulana comes from Mawlānā meaning "lord" in standard Arabic. The term is used for the Islamic scholars that appear on TV in India as "religious scholar" that abuse their résumé to instigate (often violent) action on TV.