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Is the Hunger Strike ongoing?

What is the current situation as regards Kevin Galalae? Is he still on hunger strike? If not, how did it end? I think we should try and make this clear, not least since we are #1 on Google for this search term, so we are in that sense, the internet's first reference point. Peter, are you in touch with Kevin? Robin 07:15, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

Kevin abandoned his hunger strike towards the end of April to return to his home in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on pressing family concerns. His treatment by the Canandian authorities since his return has been despicable to put it at its mildest. Kevin's in-laws are Kingston/Canandian Establishment. As such, his activities and publications since his UK university experience are abhorent to them. Added to which he never secured his wife's understanding and support in his efforts at exposure. All that makes Kevin an easy target for those who would prefer to see him marginalised. The net result at present is that the Kingston police, medical and legal authorities behave as mid-ranking authority always does in face of such dissent, namely: as it judges higher authority would approve (if not taking explicit cues from above that is).
I have no doubt at all that Kevin's account of his experiences at Leicester and Oxford universities accurately reflects a detailed modus-operandi of the UK SIS's in UK higher education at that time. I have equally no doubt that those same SIS's would prefer his story be supressed. The precise connections between that preference and his post-hunger strike treatment in Canada is problematical in its detail, but again I have no doubt there IS such a connection. After all, a nod-wink is all that is needed.
Right now, Kevin's family situation vis-vis his two young children has the makings of a personal tragedy IMHO. His apparent determination to continue to confront the Kingston/Canadian establishment head-on, whilst commendable in strictly ethical terms will not calm those troubled waters. I wish him well and will endeavour to re-hash the Kevin Galalae page to include an analysis of his experiences to date. --Peter P 10:49, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

Post Hunger-strike synopsis

A synpsis of events following Kevin's return to Canada was prepared by a group of his friends and emailed to Wikispooks. It was intended as information to be added to this discussion page. It has been posted as a separate document here --Peter P 17:07, 2 December 2011 (UTC)